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Comment: To boldly go (Score 3, Interesting) 58

by Camel Pilot (#49529137) Attached to: NASA Teams Scientific Experts To Find Life On Exoplanets

The quest for life in the universe is perhaps one of the more important endeavors of our time... I wish this search would take on more emphasis then the say the next weapon system. Collectively humans spend more on carnival cruise ship or Hollywood movies then we do in searching for life and intelligence beyond earth. The thought (as noted by Arthur C Clark) that either we are the only intelligence in the universe or we are not and there are other forms of intelligence out there - are equally powerful motivating forces towards an expansion beyond this little fragile womb.

Comment: Re:I give you the Kennewick man (Score 1) 228

by Camel Pilot (#49431391) Attached to: Amid Controversy, Construction of Telescope In Hawaii Halted

Kennewick man is an anomaly with no reasonable shared heritage of any contemporary tribe. I suspect the native american opposition to study of Kennewick man is an unreasonable fear of weakened land claims. Totally BS.

When it was surmised that Kennewick man was caucasian I did like the neopagan group that claimed Kennewich man as one of their own and pressed to have their ancestor further studied.

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