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Comment: Re:Thermodynamically Impossible (Score 1) 311

by Camel Pilot (#47135541) Attached to: Solar Roadways Project Beats $1M Goal, Should Enter Production

I don't think the plan is to melt snow from the energy generated from the panels but would require an input of energy. Obviously there are few things more effective in turning incident solar energy into heat than black rough surfaced asphalt.

Imagine the opacity of the glass surface after a few days of traffic with steel studs or rocks caught in the treads or just tires driving over blown dirt and dust .

The idea of a solar roadway sounds great to the intuitive but lousy to the analytical and practical.

Comment: Re:I think it would be funny as heck if.... (Score 1) 126

This is best you can do to flame Perl?

1. It must be me but I do not find Perl any more problematic in this respect than say C or Javascript. In fact facilities like variable string interpolation and symbolic references in my view makes Perl more readable and understandable.

2. So... use if ( defined $str ) what's so irrevocable borked.

3. Care to give an example. I have never read Perl source and have programmed 100k's line of code in Perl and maintain several CPAN modules.

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