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source, please?

Most of the stuff Snowden has released concerns NSA spying on American citizens, not other countries.

Wrong... Snowden released methods and means of foreign intelligence. People tend to overlook that.
Consider his release of information on intelligence gathering on China's Huawei and govt, Yep... he is a traitor.

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Thanks for the recommendation. At the time I just needed to get up and running quick... now i have more time to investigate some alternative text editors.

I also thought I was going to miss WinSCP but the gnome "places" is actually a better solution for the work I do which is largely editing files on remote servers. Also tabbed terminal app cleans up the workspace as opposed to numerous putty windows and virtual workspaces... oh my.

Comment: Windows 8... no more (Score 2, Interesting) 294

Last week after my disk totally crashed I had to decide to re-install Window 8 and re-install a long list of apps - several which are updates and require the original disk (ah where are they)....hmmmm I thought here goes the day.

I decided to install CentOS Desktop instead. I am familiar with CentOS in the server mode as I use it on my dedicated server. Within an hour I was back up and running and being productive in my consulting business. My QHD / Nvidia graphic card were recognized and drivers installed, HP printer setup was simple, digital camera is recognized, scanner, etc. I really prefer the Gnome 2 interface to Windows 8 (and even Gnome 3) it stays out of my way and lets me get my work done efficiently.

I really haven't missed Windows at this point... well maybe Notepad++ just a little and haven't figured out what to do about Quickbooks yet. Maybe I can install enough plugins to get Gedit to be a reasonable editor and I may have to setup a windows virtual machine to run Quickbooks or find an alternative.

This morning on the radio I overheard an advertisement offering a Windows "speed-up service" with the main pitch being that over time your Windows machine become slower and slower being encumbered with cruft, malware, "help functions", virus, etc .. I couldn't keep from smiling.

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by Camel Pilot (#46625137) Attached to: If Ridesharing Is Banned, What About Ride-Trading?

There is a reason taxi's are regulates heavily. The industry was rife with abuse. Random charging, taking long way around

These problems are eliminated in the Uber model. There is no exchange of cash, no opportunity to randomly charge and the fare is fixed so no incentive to "take the long way around".

dropping people off in the wrong place, extortion, and people had no avenue of recourse.

A uber driver does this once and no more customers.

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by Camel Pilot (#46625099) Attached to: If Ridesharing Is Banned, What About Ride-Trading?

Already happened.

However it happens with Taxi drivers also.

Sorry no complete security in any system. However with Uber the driver that shows up has a reputation one can review... with a taxi company you have no control over that. I would prefer Uber. IMHO.

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by Camel Pilot (#46450671) Attached to: SXSW: Edward Snowden Swipes At NSA

SXSW is a tradeshow & alot of the "keynote" speaking slots are for sale. It's a revenue stream for SXSW: keynotes get alot of press for their product therefore there is value to trade. Not that Snowden would have to pay to be a "keynote" speaker but it's possible.

To go another level, I don't trust anything about the Snowden Narrative from the ***very beginning*** It's fishy as hell, from the Russian poled-dancing girlfriend to his repeated wearing of the same two shirts...on the face of it the whole thing was backwards.

Typical sysadmin, thinking they know everything about how you should do your job, even if your job has nothing to do with administering systems.

Yes. This is a fact that alot of fanbois want to ignore. We all may be happy about the increased awareness of gov't spying, but that doesn't mean we turn off our brains entirely.

IMHO Snowden was/is being blackmailed. He may have had nothing but good intentions but it's obvious that he's getting worked.

I tend to agree. But he is also attempting to blackmail the US by holding on to a trove of data as a poison pill. Is this data secure? He thinks it is secure but foreign govts probably have already stole it or bought it. Patriots don't risk endanger national security as as shield for personal protection.

I know I know mod me down now /.

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by Camel Pilot (#46421735) Attached to: Jewish School Removes Evolution Questions From Exams

Ignorance indeed. Funny that people automatically assume that Creationism and Science cannot coexist.

Creationism is NOT science. Please point me to a single individual that believes in a recent creation, an earth centered creation, a global flood etc. that doesn't have prior theological commitments.

I'm a Creationist, and I am also a published author in Quantum Physics. Go chew on that for a bit...

"Sabotage". Get a clue.

Citation please...

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by Camel Pilot (#46403445) Attached to: The New PHP

Being long in the tooth I do all my web development via Perl using my own nice call back templating engine and of course Nice separation of code and html -neither of the two find themselves in the same file. Once in a while I have to do some repair work for customers in PHP and in horror find the html and code mixed to together with wild abandon and massive uses of global variable and I wonder PHP is so darn popular.

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