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Comment Definition of Information (Score 1) 90

Adami defines information as 'the ability to make predictions with a likelihood better than chance,'

Seems like everyone has their own pet definition of information. Isn't the above the opposite of Shannon's definition of information ie a random noise high entropy signal has lots of information while a predictable signal has low information.

Comment Re:Wat? (Score 2) 102

The problem is the waste and ecological damage of building massive solar and wind projects are not considered in this logic. Calculate the mining, milling, toxic wastes, etc involved in building massive low output energy devices.

Comment Re:Public Healthcare / Mental Healthcare (Score 1) 1165

but quite a few of these shooters appeared to be lashing out at the lies they were fed.

Bullshit.. Like who? Citation please.

Dylann Storm Roof: Wasn't lashing out but instead believed the lies that he was fed from certain racists white trash elements.... overall a mentally ill loser.

Elliot Rodger: Mentally ill loser who felt intitled.

Adam Lanza: Mentally ill loser/

James Holmes" Mentally ill loser looking for noteriety.

Jared Lee Loughner: Mentally ill loser

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