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Comment Re:Time as a factor (Score 1) 112

In the case of a cardiac emergency a BLS ambulance can do a lot, as can CPR-trained bystanders. Early high performance CPR and early defibrillation (assuming a shockable rhythm) are crucial. A patient without circulation can be dead in ten minutes from the onset of the emergency so getting them to the hospital is not the priority. CPR and defibrilation is, no matter where that occurs. It is really difficult to do good compressions in a moving ambulance unless it's equipped with the mobile automatic machine which is unlikely in a BLS truck.

Comment Use cases (Score 2) 58

I read the article (gasp! Shocking, I know) and recognise there are certainly important use cases for texting 911. But I work in EMS on a volunteer basis and I would think that in most cases voice calls would work far better, especially in medical situations. There can be a lot of helpful information that can be transferred in a more timely manner that way. Symptoms, time of onset, if situation changes during time of response, number of patients. Working in a rural area it can also be challenging to get an accurate location. In some situations, the 911 operators will also guide the caller in providing early care, such as CPR in a cardiac patient. So yeah, if one is physically able, and it's safe to do, take the time to talk to 911. They know what questions to ask and they will pass that information to the responding agencies so they know what to expect on arrival. Doing the same thing by text would only slow things down.

Comment Re:Still won't fix monopolies (Score 1) 153

Just a little info here from an xplorenet user (indirectly). SaskTel resells xplorenet's "4G" satellite service to rural customers. It has been a bit better than the previous version we were on before. The introductory program was free hardware and installation and 5Mb/30GB for $55/month for a year. After the year the price went to $85/month. Recently they reworked the packages and we moved to 5Mb/40GB for the same money. One can also go to 10Mb speeds for more $$ or less monthly transfer amounts. With these plans there is no throttling. Theoretically if one goes over their cap, you pay more for whatever you use. I haven't tested this yet, though.

Comment Re:Awful headline. (Score 3, Informative) 356

I am a farmer in southern Saskatchewan, Canada. I do not, and have never worked for Monsanto or any other pesticide company. I have in fact used pesticides including some of Monsanto's glyphosate products (Roundup, Rustler and most recently RT540). Rates of application I have used range from 0.5-1.0 liters (0.13-0.26 US gallons) per acre of product mixed in 5-10 gallons of water. My use, though, is restricted to pre-seeding burnoff as I do not grow any glyphosate-tolerant crops.

Comment Re:Wyse? Wow. (Score 1) 95

I had one, too. It was my first "real" computer and I bought it at an auction for a farm equipment dealership that was going out of business in 1991. It was a cool machine with the CPU on a card plugged into a daughterboard. It aso has a 70MB hard drive which was pretty big for those days. I had to pull a tape drive to install a 3.5" floppy drive. I still miss the keyboard.

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