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Comment Re:Not About Flash (Score 1) 40
Cross-platform. It's in the Debian repository, possibly others.

To "stream" (in mplayer, by default):
$ get_flash_videos --play "$slashdot_url"

Seriously, why isn't Slashdot using Flowplayer or another "HTML5-first" player? Even YouTube would do...

Comment Re:Don't Be Evil (Score 1) 208

Seriously, who actually uses google to find fb and twitter posts when those sites have their own search?

Please go to and, and, not having registered and logged in or visited another account, tell me how to search for posts or pages.
If I'm looking to quickly find out what Joe Celebrity or Company A is up to, I'm not going to register and log in when I can just type their name into my browser's search bar.

That said, if Twitter and Facebook refuse to make their public data available to Google for free, why do they expect Google to link to them beyond indexing links to their accounts found elsewhere on the web?
Also, I'd like to see a fake account (on a site for which the person is not registered) be picked up by this bookmarklet and advertised like a legitimate link just because it's on page 10.

Comment Re:JUST lobbying is fine (Score 1) 596

Exactly. If we are to celebrate the efforts of Google and Wikipedia in the anti-SOPA protest, it is only fair that all organizations be given the same right (even if that includes the MPAA, RIAA, etc.).
The blackout was proof that non-financial lobbying can be effective. Kickback lobbying, however, is bullshit.


Submission US protesters rally to occupy Wall Street->

An anonymous reader writes: Calls by hacktivist group Anonymous for an Arab Spring style sit in protest have been heard. The call to Occupy Wall Street on September 17th has brought out many protestors who are apparently staying for the long haul. Al-Jazeera has been covering the protest with live updates here
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