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Can you imagine "hey man, that's a cool phone" "yeah check out the touch screen!" *holds up phone* *Phone switches to camera mode* "Oh crap." *Next day* "Hey man, wanna take a picture of this cool rock?" *turns phone down 90Degrees* *phone switches to text mode* "Oh, great" Thanks, guys. This is exactly what I want to happen.
The Courts

Mozilla To Join EU Suit Against Microsoft 422 422

CWmike writes "The European Commission (EC) has granted Mozilla the right to join its antitrust case against Microsoft, a spokesman said Monday. If the charges stick, Microsoft could be forced to change the way it distributes IE, as well as pay a fine for monopoly abuse. Mitchell Baker, Mozilla's chairperson, said in a blog over the weekend that there isn't 'the single smallest iota of doubt' that Microsoft's tying of IE to Windows 'harms competition between web browsers, undermines product innovation and ultimately reduces consumer choice.'"

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