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Submission + - Microsoft mulls purchase of Yahoo!

Jamil Karim writes: "Microsoft (MSFT) is apparently considering buying Yahoo! (YHOO) in an effort to keep up with rival Google (GOOG). This news coming in just days after speculation that Microsoft was considering buying 24/7 Real Media (TFSM). Is Microsoft really considering buying Yahoo!, or is it just unverifiable speculation?"

Submission + - Sun's SunSPOT available for purchase

stinkfish writes: For some time Sun has been demonstrating a new mobile/embedded platform called SunSPOT. SunSPOT includes a 80 MHz 32 bit ARM920T core — 512K RAM/4M Flash and a 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 radio with integrated antenna. The included sensor board provides 2G/6G 3-axis accelerometer, Temperature sensor, Light sensor, 8 tri-color LEDs, 6 analog inputs, 2 momentary switches, 5 general purpose I/O pins and 4 high current output pins. SunSPOTs run the Squawk VM. Squawk runs without an underlying OS and is mostly implemented in Java. Anyway, they are finally available for purchase. I'm going to buy one as soon as it comes with a GPRS modem and camera.

Comment Re:Reserve Not Yet Met (Score 5, Insightful) 556 556

eBay's listing fees mean you pay more to list an item with a higher starting price. Simply put, it costs the seller more to have $100 auctions than $1 auctions. Same thing with reserve auctions, the seller pays for the privilege.

In a very real sense, eBay is encouraging shill bidders with their listing fees. They'd be gone overnight if listing fees were the same irrespective of the auction start value. After all, eBay is still getting their ending value fees.

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