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Comment: Re: Intercepting encrypted communications! OMG! (Score 1) 75

In that case, give up: They own your Linux kernel and you don't even know it. You might as well go with a closed-source backdoored solution since maybe they have a harder time patching it so the backdoor is less reliable.

If the NSA can sneak in with some nearly undetectable hack to the SS7 protocol 20 years before cellphones even become widespread, you stand absolutely no chance of securing a complex open source project where code commits happen fast & loose.

Hell, the legitimate kernel developers who know they have introduced a kernel-panic inducing bug because it's causing loud & obvious crashes still can't track down the exact source after at least two major kernel releases!

Comment: Re:Intercepting encrypted communications! OMG! (Score 2) 75

Since you assign God-like powers to the NSA, give up now because nothing is secure. They slice through any encryption with a pocket calculator. They've kidnapped you and implanted mind-recording devices in your head and then wiped your memory! You live in an episode of the Prisoner but without the trippy 60's music!

Comment: Intercepting encrypted communications! OMG! (Score 3, Insightful) 75

Uh.. the whole point of transport layer encryption is that you assume an attacker can record your communication and the encryption prevents the attacker from figuring out the real contents of the communication.

If you know for a fact that no unauthorized party can actually tap to your communication channel.. you don't even have to bother with the encryption in the first place.

The rest of the issue is due to the fact that the SS7 protocol is a byzantinely complex and very very old standard going way WAY back before data security was taken into account.

For all the people saying this is some intentional backdoor... if the NSA really were that smart to sneak this into a design-by-committee standard where hundreds of engineers spent years niggling over details, then you might as well give up now because you just said they are smart enough to insert backdoors into the Linux kernel or any other complex open source project too and they'll get away with it for decades before they get caught.

Comment: Re:Failed state policies (Score 1, Interesting) 422

by CajunArson (#48619549) Attached to: In Breakthrough, US and Cuba To Resume Diplomatic Relations

So what your saying is that if we took all the illegal -- uh "undocumented" immigrants from third-world countries that Obama lets in and dump them into the socialist paradise of Cuba that America's healthcare statistics will look massively better than Cuba's.

Oh, and that infant mortality statistic is complete B.S. In Cuba, they just let the premature babies die and it never counts as a live birth to mess up the statistics. In the U.S. they bend over backwards to save babies but since they aren't always successful, the statistics get skewed.


Comment: Re:a riveting diplomatic exchange no doubt.. (Score 1) 422

by CajunArson (#48619153) Attached to: In Breakthrough, US and Cuba To Resume Diplomatic Relations

"US Government: yeah no problem. thanks for letting us run a torture prison in your country without complaining about it"

Cuban Government: Yeah, that amateur-hour operation down at Gitmo is not impressing us. We've been doing the real thing to any political dissident we don't like for the last 60 years. You just wet your panties because some terrorist had his feelings hurt.

Comment: Re:Failed state policies (Score 2, Informative) 422

by CajunArson (#48619059) Attached to: In Breakthrough, US and Cuba To Resume Diplomatic Relations

There's exactly one fact that actually counts about Cuba's "universal healthcare": When Comrade Fidel gets a cold, the doctors that treat him are flown in from Spain via charter jet.

Don't believe me? Even pro-Castro sources flat out say it:

The rest is a bunch of empty Michael Moore fapping.

P.S. --> Shouldn't the embargo make Cuba stronger? After all, the Revolution shouldn't be contaminated by evil American Capitalist Imperialism.. right?

Comment: Re:Easier method (Score 1) 443

by CajunArson (#48610987) Attached to: Virtual Reality Experiment Wants To Put White People In Black Bodies

And if you rich and black in Chicago, and get pulled over by police, it's not like they're going to ask you for your check stub before they unload their sidearm into you.

    --> What a pathetic joke. Since this obviously happens all the time in your racist deluded fantasy world, please post one article.. JUST ONE... from the last 30 days in Chicago where a black driver who pulled over for police was gunned down for no reason. Go ahead, I'm waiting.

Comment: Re:Tired of this shit (Score 1) 443

by CajunArson (#48610779) Attached to: Virtual Reality Experiment Wants To Put White People In Black Bodies

Yes, I'm sure you just printed out that copy & pasted screed as your homework for your "cultural sensitivity" indoctrination course at the community college.

I hope the $20K in debt you'll get from that class is worth it when you are working at Starbucks bitching about all those evil whiteys who show up at 6AM for their cups of "white privilege".

Comment: Re:Let's put Jews in virtual Palestinians in Gaza (Score 2) 443

by CajunArson (#48610677) Attached to: Virtual Reality Experiment Wants To Put White People In Black Bodies

Yeah, it would be interesting to see what happens if the residents of Gaza were turned into civilized people who were industrious and turned Gaza into an economically prosperous beachfront resort and started winning Nobel Prizes, just like regular Israel.

It would be a bit of a change from murdering their own children to dig tunnels underneath their neighbors for the sole purposes of indiscriminately murdering people they've never met.

Comment: Re:Easier method (Score 0, Troll) 443

by CajunArson (#48610569) Attached to: Virtual Reality Experiment Wants To Put White People In Black Bodies

"You tell your kids not to go to Chicago because of the crime, I tell mine not to go because of the police." --> "Politically Correct" racism, just as bigoted as some redneck telling his kids not to go to an integrated school because of the black kids.

Yeah, because the only way any black kid in Chicago has ever come to an untimely end was because those evil racist cops gunned him down for no reason. /Liberal self-reinforcing prejudice.

You obviously don't like your child very much if you want to convince him to mouth off to police instead of respecting them like anyone else should. If you really think the police are doing something wrong, the appropriate place to deal with it is in a courtroom, not some racial-war street fight that you are guaranteed to lose. You might find that if you drop your race-war attitude towards the police and treat them like human beings, they might just not be as "racist" as you think they are.

Comment: Gender discrimination is cool now? (Score 3, Insightful) 333

Apparently it's OK to be sexist as long as it's in the "correct" direction.

Fun factoid: If the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) had been passed in the 1980s, then this little government side-show would be black & white unconstitutional... I'm pretty sure the supporters of the ERA wouldn't have liked the outcome...

Comment: I recommend the Helix 2 (Score 2) 78

by CajunArson (#48480467) Attached to: Intel Core M Notebooks Arrive, Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Tested

The Helix 2 is a more reasonably priced convertible 2-in-1 from Lenovo. The screen resolution isn't quite as high, but it's still a very reasonable 1920x1080 on an 11.6" display. I've run the thing on batttery for 8 solid hours doing standard office type work with wifi enabled and it performs very well.. and unlike the Yoga 3 it is truly a fanless design.

You might want to hold off until the "pro" keyboards that include the addtional battery become more widely available. Those should boost the battery life up to around 12 hours or so.

Comment: Re:Dumping (Score 1) 75

by CajunArson (#48412933) Attached to: Intel Announces Major Reorg To Combine Mobile and PC Divisions

Uh.. I thought companies making profits was evil. Shouldn't we be applauding Intel for not making any money? Would you insult the Raspberry Pi project for giving away free devices?

I'd much rather live in a world with a made-up "Intel monopoly" that doesn't exist where Intel is literally the largest contributor to the Linux kernel that isn't a Linux-specific company (look it up, Intel is usually #3 right after the Linux foundation & Red Hat) vs. the very real ARM monopoly of intellectual property minefields, backdoored binary firmward blobs, opaque drivers, and poor support.

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