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Comment: Re:We all need to realize... (Score 2, Informative) 119

by CajunArson (#49492295) Attached to: AMD Withdraws From High-Density Server Business

Meh.. this meme has been copy & pasted onto Slashdot over & over again since the 90s.

Guess what:
1. I can tell you exactly how much Intel chips will cost if AMD is noncompetitive or goes away entirely... they'll cost exactly what they cost now because AMD is already effectively out of the game.

  People forget that Intel is not only in heavy competition with ARM, but Intel is in perpetual competition with its own parts from last year and if Intel really jacks up prices they will simply lose business from people who don't upgrade.

2. You have a very selective memory when it comes to history. In the brief periods of time when AMD really had some form of a performance lead over the Pentium 4, their chip prices were as high or even higher than what Intel charges for its extreme premium parts now. FX-62 for over $1000... I'm looking at you.

  AMD isn't some angel, it just doesn't have the opportunity to be the big dog very often. Additionally, even when AMD isn't the top dog they've charged whackjob insane prices for chips... $900 FX-9590 launched in 2013 as some sort of bad-joke, I'm looking at you.

Comment: Re:Employees can play? (Score 3, Informative) 342

by CajunArson (#49469997) Attached to: Allegation: Lottery Official Hacked RNG To Score Winning Ticket

Of course. If you read more about the story, this guy setup a shell corporation in Belize that tried to claim the prize just before it was going to expire. He obviously knew that he couldn't walk in and claim the prize, but he thought he could get away with having this magical shell corporation claim it on his behalf and that it wouldn't get back to him.

Comment: That's what they WANT you to believe! (Score 1, Funny) 142

by CajunArson (#49397001) Attached to: TrueCrypt Audit: No NSA Backdoors

Where's the fun in there not being any nefarious evil backdoors??!?!?

How am I supposed to feed my narcissistic persecution complex that the NSA is focusing billions and billions of dollars of resources just to spy on me and me alone when they can't even put a backdoor in TrueCrypt??!?!?

Comment: Re:The travel ban is usurpation. (Score 0) 41

by CajunArson (#49392175) Attached to: As Trade Restrictions Crumble, Airbnb Offers Rooms In Cuba

"On issues that the constitution is silent, the feds can do what they want."

And now we know Obama's handle on Slashdot... I seriously hope you don't think you know the first thing about the constitution, and if some "professor" taught you that then the professor is an idiot too.

Comment: Rather bizarre statement... (Score 0) 42

"As happened in America, the concentration of power will force up legal costs, punish small European companies, and benefit large patent holders."

Really? The vast majority of patent trolls are typically very small entities that like to sue BIG companies for one obvious reason: Big companies have deep pockets.

I am aware of larger patent troll outfits that act as fronts for larger companies too. However, they are an exception not a rule and guess what.. they are also typically suing big companies but are used as a proxy so one big company doesn't have to sue another big company directly.

Comment: SPIR-V makes this more interesting (Score 1) 31

by CajunArson (#49379671) Attached to: Developer of 'Banished' Develops His Own Shading Language

The good news is that with new standardized intermediate representations like SPIR-V in Vulkan, this shading language can compile down to the same IR that GLSL/HLSL/etc. use so there's more flexibility on the programming language side while maintaining compatibility with the graphics API.

Comment: Yeah, let's play madlibs (Score -1) 760

First half of this rambling, incoherent response:

Conclusion: Good because Jews.. uh, I mean "rich evil 1%ers! I used the politically correct code word!" have it coming for some reason and treating people equally under the law is racist.

Second half of this rambling, incoherent response:
People should be treated Equally!* Look at all the repression of some people just because of who they are! We need to get whitey** because SOCIAL JUSTICE!!

* Not really, what he's really saying is subtle racism that's common amongst white-elites who "know what's best" for the underprivileged: Assuming black people are literally too stupid to follow the same rules as everyone else.

** Hey Asians guess what: You're now white so it's impossible to discriminate against you! Congratulations in your new status within our new race-based groupthink hierarchy!

Mad-lib time:
s/rich/black/g from the first half, and all of the sudden discriminating against blacks is now good... The only difference is that the author started out with preconceived bigotries (rich = inherently evil, black = always innocent and oppressed) and applied twisted logic to come to the conclusion he wanted. The only difference between the author and most Klan members is that they apply the same illogic to a different set of bigotries.

We are all dumber for having read this post.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Comment: Re:Unlocked (Score 0) 51

Wow there AC. You seem to have posted quite the copy & paste job there accusing Intel of all sorts of nefarious stuff.

We all know that Intel is obviously just a vast evil criminal conspiracy whose entire purpose is to destroy Linux, which is why Linus Torvalds bravely chose to only run Linux on ARM starting in 1974. This article is a lie:

So to whom do you give your fanboy allegiance that you use as an excuse to lie at will? AMD or somebody more creative? Have you considered kidnapping homeless people and harvesting their organs to raise money for Richard Stallman? We wouldn't want to be negative in the Freedom Dimension, now would we?

Comment: Congress needs to butt out of science! (Score 2, Insightful) 394

by CajunArson (#49137351) Attached to: Lawmakers Seek Information On Funding For Climate Change Critics

I'm tired of these evil republicans going on witch-hunts after scientists! Those evil right-wingers hate anyone who disagrees with their religion and [interrupted, whispers]..

Oh wait, this is a brave Democrat who is uncovering a vast evil conspiracy because some evil slimeball had the gall to say that global warming is real but that the apocalyptic predictions of natural disasters made by the religion of Environmentalism aren't supported by real facts*.

Carry on, burn him at the stake, expose all of his emails because only those who exercise the faith properly have a right to privacy.

* Seriously, it's now considered blasphemy to say that Global Warming is real but that the world hasn't ended. You know what's funny? Those wacky Christian radio guys who predict the end of the world at least have the decency to admit the world didn't end the next day. Being in the religion of Environmentalism means you don't even have to exercise that level of introspection.

Comment: Sigh not a breakthrough... (Score 0) 142

by CajunArson (#49077583) Attached to: Breakthrough In Face Recognition Software

"using a vast database of annotated examples"

Oh Rlly? You have a massively perfect training set and things just magically work better? I'm shocked.

It reminds me of the paper I read about a "breakthrough" in text processing that mysteriously used the exact same algorithms already known in the field. When you went through the finer details of the paper you found that they had the grad-student slave manually go through all the training pairs and select the "correct" training data. Shockingly enough the hand-tuned results worked better when applied to an artificially narrowed test set....

Comment: Fear Mongering FTW (Score -1, Troll) 213

Fascinating. I could literally find every one of those points out of some bible-thumping "end of days" doomsday cult sermon and it would be ripped apart as the ramblings of some anti-science luddite.

Slap an "Oxford" label on the exact same arguments and repackage it a bit? You get "news".

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