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Comment Re:Hmmmm (Score 5, Interesting) 892

Thanks for bringing facts instead of blog-post innuendo into the conversation.

First Interesting point in that thread: The first person to start dropping f-bombs on other people is none other than Sarah Sharp. Who is using the uncivil and threatening language exactly?

Second interesting point: She doesn't seem to have a problem with a posting a rant about communications that seem to have literally nothing to do with her whatsoever. Nothing in that thread was directed at her or was even being abusive towards some other woman either.

Comment See the end of her blog post.... (Score 5, Insightful) 892

(FYI, comments will be moderated by someone other than me. As this is my blog, not a government entity, I have the right to replace any comment I feel like with âoefart fart fart fartâ. Donâ(TM)t expect any responses from me either here or on social media for a while; Iâ(TM)ll be offline for at least a couple days.)

Reminds me of the old phrase about being able to dish it out all day but not being able to take it for one second.

Kind of reminds me of the whole Ellen Pao debacle where she accused people who worked with -- at a VC firm -- of being complete assholes. And she was right about that part. However, she lost the case because the facts showed that she was one of the biggest assholes in the whole place so she might as well have sued herself.

Comment Is the NYT Racist? (Score 4, Insightful) 231

Just saying, since according to the story immediately below this one, any controls of any type on the immigration of young fighting age men from Middle Eastern countries is apparently inherently racist*.

Consequently, any story about temporary work visas being bad must be racist x 1000.

* Unless of course the countries who don't let them in are also Middle Eastern countries. Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, etc. etc. etc.? Won't let a single refugee in. That's OK though because it's only racist if white people do it.

BTW --> China? Not on China: Not only do they refuse to take a single refugee, but the state-run media calls the US racist for only taking in tens of thousands of refugees instead of millions. Truly the real leader of the world and a shining example to all of us.

Comment Re:What is the point of this article? (Score 2) 164

"Was the whole point of this submission to take a shot at the U.S.?"

Yeah, pretty much.

Slashdot is a pretty provincial, chauvinistic and bigoted publication... as long as these qualities are directed in an anti-US manner.

Basically, if the Slashdot crowd looked at itself in the mirror, the the ugly bigoted and uninformed face it would see staring back at it would look surprisingly close to the stereotyped caricatures that it pretends only apply to those evil "Muricans".

Comment Not that impresssed (Score 1) 73

What they are saying is: If you reprogram a computer, you can get it do to the wrong thing!

I could mess up any computer by going through the config files or even recompiling binaries to intentionally break stuff.

It gets more interesting if they could show how to do this remotely on a real battlefield instead of just taking a device and acting all shocked that it behaves differently when reprogrammed.

Comment Re:Intel's linux support is impeccable (Score 0) 61

What the hell are you talking about? Broadwell support under Linux is just fine and Phoronix just ran a piece showing Broadwell beating the crap out of anything else on the market when it comes to integrated graphics:

Hell, there's already SKYLAKE support that's publicly released!

As for binary blobs, since you give off the smell of an AMD fanboy, why do you hate Intel so much for copying your beloved AMD? I hate to break it to you, but the requirements for binary blobs in the OPEN SOURCE AMD drivers (not just Catalyst kids) has been around for years. Intel is probably putting these (small) binary blobs in because of third-party IP restrictions anyway.

Comment Re:Improving the performance by more than 100% (Score 1) 167


It's obviously physically impossible to ever improve the performance of anything more than 100%. That's why 60+ years of Moore's law means that modern computers have a maximum theoretical performance ceiling of 769 FLOPS since the Eniac churned out 385 FLOPS and it's physically impossible to be more than 100% faster.

Where can I sign you up for the Turing Prize?

Comment They didn't "beat" anybody (Score 0, Interesting) 89

A test chip made in a lab is not proof of being first to anything with the possible exception of being first to put out an advertising announcement. That goes double for IBM who recently paid GloFo $1.5Billion just to takeover its actual production fabs that make the real chips.

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