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by CajunArson (#48172477) Attached to: Lead Mir Developer: 'Mir More Relevant Than Wayland In Two Years'


No.. granparent poster is right and you are wrong.

Being able to send stuff over a network pipe != network transparency. Get it through your head.]

Here's an excellent presentation by Daniel Stone, a guy who's forgotten more about X than most of us will ever know, saying the exact same thing:

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by CajunArson (#48054919) Attached to: Internet Explorer Implements HTTP/2 Support

I've always been a fan of IIOP. You can use IIOP even if you don't want to re-introduce some of the more hangover inducing parts of the full CORBA stack (java's remote interfaces use IIOP IIRC).

Some people complain that a binary protocol is somehow not "open" but I've seen enough "open" XML uber-nested gibberish in my time to question that assertion...

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by CajunArson (#48007575) Attached to: Sci-fi Predictions, True and False (Video 2)

He claimed that a superconductor would have a uniform temperature over the entire length of the superconductor. It's how Louis Wu kills sunflowers since they heat up part of a superconductive cable while another part of the cable is submerged in water.. the resulting cloud kills the sunflowers.

Obviously there's no existing material that would have high-enough temperatures to do a similar experiment, but maybe a materials science guy could chime in about whether or not these materials actually maintain uniform temperatures when superconductive.

Comment: Article written by clueless PR bots (Score 5, Insightful) 26

by CajunArson (#48007505) Attached to: New Graphene Research Promises Reliable Chip-Level Production

The non-paywalled article includes some hilarious zingers like "the material also has extraordinary semiconductive properties which could revolutionise the issue of cooling in data centres."

If by "extraodinary" you mean: No bandgap unless you are really doctoring the graphene with other materials, then sure since "ordinary" semiconductors have bandgaps.

Not sure how transistors that can't be turned off will help in cooling data centers, but who knows what revolutions lurk in future press releases!

Comment: This exposes systemic insecurities (Score 3, Interesting) 318

by CajunArson (#47996559) Attached to: Flurry of Scans Hint That Bash Vulnerability Could Already Be In the Wild

Basically, this Bash bug is really only exploitable by remote users because of some questionable decisions made in designing the software stack. This isn't an "open source" vs. "closed source" thing. This is a "We'll just trust data received from untrusted sources!" thing.

If your web/dhcp/print/etc. server is *accepting environment variables from random strangers* and then *executing a full-bore shell program* using those environment variables then guess what: You're freakin' server was already vulnerable and this Bash bug is just exposing the vulnerability, not causing it!!

Seriously, if Windows had a design like this then we'd be hearing the old "insecure by design!" schtick, and I'm not going to hold Linux to a lesser standard.

Comment: Re:Just in time for another record cold winter (Score 5, Informative) 200

Yes, and I'm sure you're next post will be that nobody on the face of the earth has ever EVAR claimed that:
  1. Hurricane Katrina
  2. "Superstorm"* Sandy
  3. The smelt-made California Drought
  4. 2011 Japanese Tsunami **
  5. Back to back record years for agriculture in the midwest in 2013-2014 ***

were caused by global warming!!

* So named because it wasn't even strong enough to count as a real hurricane... while stronger storms have been known to hit NYC in the 19th and early 20th centuries!

** Yes, earthquakes are now caused by Global Warming. Get with the politcally correct program you denialist scum.

*** No wait, that's not post-apocalyptic bad sounding. Two consecutive years of weather patterns over an entire geographic region is just an insignificant random weather event...

Now, a not-particularly unusually strong hurricane that happens to hit a low-lying city that's in the middle of a region where you expect to see hurricanes over a 12 hour period... THAT'S CLIMATE CHANGE YOU DENIALIST SCUM!

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Considering the first graphical web browser was written for the Next Operating system, I'm going to assume that your stupid little rant is to make you feel better about hating Windows (wow! aren't you a rebel!) and less about anything to do with software development... of which you obviously know nothing.

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I was waiting for somebody to fall into the "BUT LIBRARIES!" trap...

You do realize that you just said that Windows 8 now follows the UNIX PHILOSOPHY because boy oh boy does it have libraries!

Oh... but you didn't really mean that you say? You meant.. MODULAR instead right? Well in that case, if you actually knew anything about SystemD, you would know that it *is* modular almost to a fault so that's no it either.

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