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User Journal

Journal: Comcast now shuts off people's connections 1

Journal by Cafe Alpha
Comcast now shuts off people's connections as soon as they start up bittorrent. Even if the connection is fully encrypted.

Of course Azarus-Vuze isn't exactly subtle, since it gets all of that other stuff. The first time I tried bittorent tonight, they waited 15 minutes before shutting my connection off. The second time they did it in maybe 5 seconds. And didn't turn it on again for 15 minutes.

Also, long before this they've been rewriting packets. The news that says they've been shutting off connections isn't the half of it.

I tried downloading Ubuntu over bittorent a couple of weeks ago - and it failed the checksums dozens of times until I gave up!! Got that? Garbage in the packets!

Come on, I can't be the only one! Lets hear from you. Comcast in San Francisco!

Also, the first time it happened I got the impression that my connection was being throttled to nothing. I could still ping yahoo, but I couldn't get a web page (and of course I had 0 throughput on bittorrent) - but after 5 or ten minutes of hell, I turned off bittorrent, then my connection came back instantly.

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