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Comment Physics still applies, if you pee at an angle it (Score 1) 192 192

won't splash back. I've seen this stuff, it isn't magic. What are they relying on people being too drunk or stupid to know how things bounce?

It's super expensive paint. So what they get is that the sidewalk smells instead of the wall.

Comment Does encryption really matter to the NSA? (Score 2) 114 114

At this point they can watch every phone call we make, watch where we walk every minute of the day, watch what websites we go to, read our email.

They can no doubt get in back doors on our computers any time.

Why should they care if we encrypt our hard drives? We're on the internet when our computers are on!

Comment Really bad (Score 1) 166 166

As I understand it, it's like Lua, except that variables aren't declared, and they're in a global namespace. And they're limited to 8 characters long. And if's and loops are limited to single lines (that are probably limited in turn to 80 or 60 characters - whatever their punched cards were eh?)

Basically unusable for large systems. But used for them anyway.

Any shop that's forced to use Mumps should write a compiler for a better language that outputs Mumps, and convert their Mumps code to that better language. It would take a much shorter time than maintaining Mumps code.

Comment The reason that American politics is ruined (Score 1) 191 191

Isn't game theory, it's manipulation by fascists
see http://www.progressive.org/new...
The Koch bros are Birchers, and the John Birch society was a organization founded to spread paranoid racist lies, and attempt to do it in secret.

And their money funded the tea party.

Comment They're only pretending to have changed anything (Score 3, Interesting) 194 194

because of Snowden. They didn't stop collecting bulk data, they just changed the legal ownership of that data which has no effect on anyone's rights. It's all technical changes.

Also, if I were Snowden I'd consider staying away no matter what he's offered. Corrupt Russian intelligence doesn't have the MOTIVE to off him that American leaders do.

Comment I have experience with people whose minds not (Score 3, Insightful) 288 288

strong. I don't want to say "failing" just very poor memory and the like caused by very poor health. One case is a man who was in the tech industry years ago, but that doesn't mean that as his mind was harmed by the effects of illness he could continue to make sense of Google's ever changing interface. He didn't have a problem with mail so much (he used thunderbird, so that interface wasn't changing), but he couldn't navigate Google's changing phone service interfaces. Combine that with poor eyesite and problems with phone drivers that occasionally have to reload ... and there would be days when he had no phone service until someone came by and fixed his computer.

Keep in mind that there are people (once again the same man) who at times find simply dialing a phone too hard. Maybe they're too slow for hospital phone that gives you 20 seconds of dial tone then gives up, or worse gives you 20 seconds but no audio cue like a dialtone.

For such people you need interfaces designed differently than ones for average customers. You need interfaces that NEVER change. You need interfaces that have no time-outs. You need interfaces that force modal interactions rather than assuming that the user will NOTICE something.

Comment Until they (Score 4, Informative) 452 452

1. Hire that Taylor back or
2. Explain why she was fired

They've done nothing at all. And the only thing to apologize for other than firing a well liked person for no apparent reason is the fact that Pao laughed at her users to their faces. And no one is going to believe that she means an apology for that.

"Virtual" means never knowing where your next byte is coming from.