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Comment: Re:.Net is for Windows and Windows only (Score 1) 355 355

The problem wasn't the (lack of) quality of VB or the popularity by its users. VB made Microsoft look bad and made it harder to attract new developers. C# was only partially an answer to things wrong with VB, perceptions from people other than VB programmers mattered a lot more.

Comment: .Net is for Windows and Windows only (Score 3, Insightful) 355 355

Late '90s software development for Windows sucked. And Windows sucked because it crashed for the slightest of reasons. And there was Visual Basic. And there was the latest hype in town: Java. Roll in .Net with C# and Visual Studio. Pretty neat and fairly idiot-proof IDE, decent set of libraries, managed execution to lower the amount of BSOD's and introduce a new language to extinguish both VB and Java.

None of these reasons was relevant outside the MS world. Plenty of languages, IDE's, editors available on Linux, some say even too many. No BSOD's, no VB. Oh wait, there's one reason: that wanker Miguel de Icaza.

Comment: Re:if your care for the poor were genuine (Score 1) 374 374

... and yet we now spend 50% of our total budget on health, education, or entitlements. And yet we still have poor people. ...

Health and education are where most rich nations spending goes to. It has nothing to do with leveling the wealth, more likely 'the rich' profit most of those communal spending.

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