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Comment: Re:Ass time (Score 1) 499

by Caedite Eos (#46873069) Attached to: You Are What You're Tricked Into Eating
If I made that food for $5/plate ... I may as well go to a restaurant, where I pay only a bit more and have the whole experience. For a simple dish like that if your cost is more than $2.50, you're doing something wrong. (West coast of the US retail prices. If you do your shopping at Costco/CashAndCarry/Winco/ethnic supermarket you should be able to get it well under $2/plate.)

Comment: Re:Useless outside of the USA (Score 1) 88

by Caedite Eos (#46652359) Attached to: Amazon's Fire TV: Is It Worth Game Developers' Time?
Given the benefits of Plex - automatic download of info, sorting, presentation, etc, etc - and the fact that it runs beautifully on a power sipping pogoplug - running Debian, or Archlinux - there is no reason not to run Plex. There are many other benefits in having a very low power box running Linux.

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by Caedite Eos (#46280685) Attached to: Dear Asus Router User: All Your Cloud Are Belong To Us
>but the majority of end-users just want shit that works. Exactly why I load Tomato on any router I set up. Of course this assumes the person I do it for bought a router I recommended, or I used one of mine. Tomato's "access restrictions" are dead easy to set up, and it's a simple, quite efficient, first line of defence to keep kids in line. I can show even clueless parents how to setup a "no internet after 21:30" rule, or block specific domains by keywords. Most of this is not easily achievable with OEM firmware.

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