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+ - Does Oracle's lawsuit against Google help Apple?->

C_Kode writes: With the battle raging between Apple's iOS and Google's Android OS will Larry Ellison and Oracle entering the fray help Apple or pit the two who refer to themselves as 'best friends' against each other. This is the subject matter tackled by David Brown over at Museville News in a post entitled Does Oracle's lawsuit against Google help Apple? On the other side is a post by Daniel Eran Dilger over at RoughlyDrafted Magazine that argues a slightly different side.
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+ - Citrix to purchase XenSource->

C_Kode writes: It seems that Citrix is going to purchase XenSource for around $500 million. This could be bad news as there are rumors of someone else buying Citrix. We've been testing XenSource and VMWare. While VMWare appears to be the better product, XenSource is more affordable. The sell of XenSource draws new questions into what we are going to do.
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