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Journal Journal: Gotta love Apple zealots

I made a post about how Apple is like Microsoft in that they want to lock-in their customers. I posted my opinion and guess what. Some Apple zeolot modded me flamebait because he disagreed. (Though the post at this point is still +3 Insightful) I hate zealotism. It makes even good causes seem bad.

Thats fine. He will get meta-moderated down hopefully so he won't be able to abuse his moderation points.

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Journal Journal: Now Anti-HP.. As for Sun

Well, I will not buy HP again. No need to explain. I hate HP. I do like some of the things I'm seeing from Sun now. We shall see if they've changed their ways, or are just trying to kiss and make up.

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Journal Journal: It's Official

I've been debating over the last year if I've become anti-Sun Microsystems. It's offical now. I "AM" anti-Sun Microsystems. I initially felt the need to explain, but why?

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