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Comment If I'm hiring the minimum you need to know... (Score 3, Informative) 293 293

If you want an entry level programming job and don't have any experience, you'd had better made something non-trivial on your own time that you can show in an interview and explain the code. If I'm skimming your code and I see you picked a certain data structure or implemented a algorithm when there is more than one way to do it, you should be able to explain your reasoning for coding it the way you did. Also make sure you learn at least the basics of one of the popular frameworks and use it in your demo.

So make a Javascript web app, or something on the server side with a free or low cost hosting account. Make it functional, make it as bug proof as you can, make the code clean and easy to read, and be prepared to show it to a skeptical audience. Think of your interview as an audition and your code as the music you're going to play.

If you can't make something to show, you don't know enough Javascript yet.

Comment Re:Only 8% HF Ops? (Score 1) 141 141

According to a US ham who was operating in Nepal a few years ago, the government wasn't issuing ham licenses for at least 10 years and ham equipment is very difficult for the locals to get. It's not like here where there is a local VE exam almost every week and a basic HF rig can be bought for $600 and delivered in a week.

Comment Here's what you tell your potential boss (Score 1) 394 394

I'm a hard worker and I don't waste my time at work on the Internet preening myself on FB so I can get a bunch of "likes". Off of work I like to spend my time going out and interacting with people in real life face-to-face.

And besides, if you want to see my online presence, you find me on any chan site in /wx/ and /gif/.

Comment Can you really hire a "rockstar" programmer? (Score 2) 145 145

I don't know how other people code, but I put in the most hours and do my best work on MY pet projects, not someone else's. For the mundane stuff you do at a typical job I'm just "good". The code works and is on time but that is what any competent programmer should be able to do.

So if someone is truly a "rockstar", I have to ask why are they working for work? Shouldn't they be writing their own software, running their own company, living off of the royalties? If I hire a "rockstar" to work on MY project, which might not be exciting, will the "rockstar" do his best ever work? Or will he do no more than someone who's good, a team player, but hasn't aspired to write books or go on a talk circuit to get that "rockstar" reputation? Or worse, will the "rockstar" break things, throw out existing code, piss off coworkers, because he knows he's right and everyone else is an idiot?

Comment You can make girls code but we won't hire them (Score 2, Interesting) 288 288

With laptops available under $300 (cheaper than many smart phones!) there is essentially no barrier to learning to code.

If they don't have the desire to learn to code on their own they won't cut it in the work place, their resumes will be screened out on the first pass. Why bother?

Comment He needs to told: Management can be outsourced (Score 3, Interesting) 514 514

Hire enough H1-B's and it becomes more likely you'll just outsource the entire project to some contracting company overseas. And those companies also have their own management structure possibly eliminating your own boss' position.

Comment Cable news really sucks (Score 1) 448 448

I used to be a news junkie. That was one of the reason we got cable in the home. But then the real reporting kept shrinking while the talk (or rather "arguing") shows increased. It's like 1 hour of fluff news and 23 hours of talking heads arguing for the sake of arguing, just like that Monty Python sketch.

Comment They can charge whatever they want (Score 1) 448 448

I got fed paying $100+ just to have 100+ channels of zero-value content so my family cut the cord a couple of years ago. When we visit relatives with cable we find we aren't really missing anything. Our Roku with Netflix is more than enough to keep us happy and surprise! we've been going to the library more.

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