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User Journal

Journal: I was wrong 4

Journal by CPTreese

In an earlier journal entry I had stated that I wasn't sure if there was some sort of bias inherent to Slashdot that tended to encourage a more Socialist worldview and suppress other more conservative worldviews. While I have found that there is a larger preponderance of opinion for a socialistic bent I have also been pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of opinions expressed and promoted. I am not socialistic by any means yet I was allowed to be a moderator.

I am still interested in the obvious majority of socialists and liberals on this site. Why do "nerds" tend to have this worldview? Input would be appreciated, but please don't use an Ad Hominem argument.

User Journal

Journal: An epiphany 4

Journal by CPTreese

Could this happen to people who don't tow the party line? It has seemed to me that in the last year or so Slashdot has really turned into a soapbox for liberal thinkers and socialist. Is this because the majority of the members of this site are liberal? Could the cause also be that liberals moderate any other viewpoint into oblivion? Not sure but I will be looking

User Journal

Journal: slashdot purgatory

Journal by CPTreese

Apparently because I told someone on a post that they needed to get laid I now cannot post anything without it immediately being modded to 0. Amazing from the stuff that I have seen posted on this site. From now on I'll remember to only post comments like "I hate microsoft" "open source is good" "corporations are evil."

If you steal from one author it's plagiarism; if you steal from many it's research. -- Wilson Mizner