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Submission The real story behind the San Francisco Google Glass accosting->

CMULL writes: Long story short: Drunk woman was too drunk, and the bar was not pleased. The woman was asked to stop filming, she became loud and belligerent. She fell, lost her Glass. Someone picked it up and handed it back to her. Her male friend, whom was drunk as well, took swings at people in the bar when she fell and his attempt to defended her failed and he got decked himself. The lady was a "Glassahole," to put it simply. If she wasn't drunk, stumbling and filming people against their will, this would have ended with much less violence and kerfuffle.
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Submission Microsoft Releases TypeScript 1.0 RC->

CMULL writes: Microsoft unveiled TypeScript 1.0 RC in its Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 today. TypeScript is the company’s programming language that is meant for application-scale JavaScript development. Unlike Google’s programming language Dart, which is a strategy to replace JavaScript, TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript designed to strengthen the language and make up for its missing elements like larger scale application structure concepts and static typing. According to the core developer of TypeScript Anders Hejlsberg, TypeScript enables projects, multiple files and cross-platform refactoring to give the look and feel of Java or C++. TypeScript 1.0 RC is the near final version of TypeScript 1.0
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Submission Google wants developers to go to school for Drive->

CMULL writes: Google has partnered up with Code School to offer a free course on how developers can utilize the Google Drive API in applications.“The most challenging part of learning anything new is often simply getting started,” according to Google's technical writer Greg Knoke. The course, Discover Drive, will go through 10 levels, teaching developers how to save to the drive, how to authenticate the drive, upload, download and share files, and more.
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Submission A majority of apps have security vulnerabilities ->

CMULL writes: A recent report from Cenzic showed that 96% of its tested applications in 2013 had at least one or more security flaw. The report noted that the average vulnerabilities per app is 14, up from last year. The company's CEO John Weinschenk said the reason why almost all apps contain security vulnerabilities is because people aren't taught to write secure code, they are just taught to write code.
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Submission An app toolkit for Valentine's Day ->

CMULL writes: Some people absolutely hate Valentines day. But still--it is a holiday which means people out there are celebrating, and your significant other probably expects something. So, for those who are last minute planners looking to make the night special, there is an app for that--or at least an app toolkit. It includes Love Quotes if you are at a loss for words, Open Table for last minute reservations, and more to make the night romantic. Happy Valentine's Day!
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Submission Heroku speeds up its app deployment time ->

CMULL writes: Heroku has reworked its build infrastructure in order to speed up its application deployment time. According to the cloud application platform development time is now 39% to 48% faster depending on whether you are using Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Node, Python or Java. “Being able to deploy code and iterate on ideas quickly is a big part of developer happiness,” the company wrote on its blog.
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Submission A dedicated shell for Git commands->

CMULL writes: Stop typing Git over and over again. Ruby on Rails development and consulting firm thoughtbot created an interactive shell dedicated to Git commands, gitish. The shell allows users to issue any Git commands instead of having to run Git commands in general-purpose shells like Zsh or Bash. One of the primary developers says there is a need for this shell because many early Unix utilities don't take sub-commands like Git.
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Submission Google looking for the next up-and-coming developer artist->

CMULL writes: To celebrate the creative use of technology, Google wants one lucky developer artist to be a part of it. Google has teamed up with the Barbican, Europe’s largest multi-arts conference venue, in order to create a DevArt interactive gallery to be displayed at the Digital Revolution exhibition this summer.
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Submission Developers can now charge for HTML5 Web apps in the Amazon Appstore ->

An anonymous reader writes: Previously, any time a developer published an HTML5 app to the Amazon Appstore, they would automatically be priced for free. Now, in Amazon's latest update to its AppStore, developers can price this web applications and sell them in the Amazon Appstore.
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Submission Kaplan Test Prep, Upstart finance future software developers->

CMULL writes: Upstart and Kaplan Test Prep are partnering up together to help potential programmers take steps to further their future careers. Those who participate in Metis, a Web development boot cap for aspiring Ruby on Rails Web developers, have the option of guaranteed tuition financing through Upstart in exchange for a small portion of their future income.
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Submission Open-Source AMD & NVIDIA Drivers Now Support OpenGL 3.3->

An anonymous reader writes: Four years after OpenGL 3.3 was ratified the open-source AMD Radeon and open-source NVIDIA (Nouveau) drivers now have OpenGL 3.3 support in Mesa. The support currently covers the NV50/NVC0 Nouveau drivers (GeForce 8 series and newer) and RadeonSI (Radeon HD 7000 series and newer) while work is still ongoing to bring OpenGL 3.3 to older AMD GPUs. These drivers along with the open-source Intel driver also have some level of OpenGL 4 support but their performance still lags behind the proprietary graphics drivers.
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Submission White House To Tackle Big Data

rjmarvin writes: President Obama has commissioned a comprehensive review of Big Data and privacy Senior White House advisor John Podesta has been tasked with leading a group including Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz, presidential science adviser John Holdren, Director of the National Economic Council Gene Sperling, Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker to look at how data collection and analysis are affecting everyday privacy. According to Podesta's blog post, upon completing their review the group expects to provide the president a report on future technological trends examining the questions of collection, availability and the use of Big Data for the government and nation.

Submission JavaScript tops programming language rankings ->

CMULL writes: Since the last bi-annual RedMonk rankings, JavaScript leapfrogged Java to take the top spot, with PHP keeping its place at No. 3. Rounding out the top five, C# climbed two spots to No. 4 while Python fell a spot to No. 5. Other movers included C++ rising a spot to No. 6, Ruby falling two spots to No. 7, and CSS making its first appearance in the rankings at No. 10.
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Submission NVIDIA Pushes OpenACC Support Into The GCC

rjmarvin writes: Intel and NVIDIA are taking diverging paths in 2014. The two companies, brought together back in the mid-90s by OpenMP, are pulling away from each other, pushing supplemental high performance computing capabilities. Intel's HPC offering is its new line of Xeon Phi coprocessors. NVIDIA, on the other hand, is taking a different route by pushing OpenACC support into the GNU Compiler Collection NVIDIA looks to compile OpenACC applications with GCC, with the ultimate development goal of implementing OpenACC 2.0.

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