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Comment: Good for them and well deserved (Score 1) 368

by CHK6 (#47871149) Attached to: Report: Microsoft To Buy Minecraft Studio For $2bn+
Nothing like a $2,000,000,000 payday. I say good for them, well deserved, and job well done. Now have fun with life and do more cool things. Just don't piss it away. The freedom to live without the worry of the cost of living is something only a rare few can enjoy.

As for Microsoft get to work. You bought a pretty, now make it better.

Comment: Pandering to cosplay (Score 1) 590

by CHK6 (#47461365) Attached to: Marvel's New Thor Will Be a Woman
I applaud Marvel for giving women caricatures strong roles and story lines. (And sometimes taking on social topics and bringing them into the comics.)

I'm not sure if this change is how Marvel sees empowering women as strong(er) enough to take on a traditionally masculine roles. Or is this just a petty handout in the lack of Marvel's ability to create a "just-as-strong" role? This move has the air of cosplay pandering and in-the-box thinking. Having to steal a well established role to reboot a gender swap is lame.

I would have far more preferred if Thor had a twin sister, wife, or daughter that grew stronger than Thor and overtook the mantle of power from him. But a character do-over is such a cop-out.

Comment: Space Travel Studies (Score 1) 914

by CHK6 (#46535021) Attached to: Time Dilation Drug Could Let Heinous Criminals Serve 1,000 Year Sentences
This drug would be better used in the study of mental behavior for long space flights.

Or the opposite, create a drug where individuals still recall past events, and feel as if for example they just launched into space yesterday when in fact it was 6 months prior.

Lets use science for good. Not what this scholar is envisioning it for.

Comment: SMS: Yes Talking: No (Score 1) 340

by CHK6 (#45987817) Attached to: Americans To FCC Chair: No Cell Calls On Planes, Please
I would be fine with SMS texting only. But allowing people to talk on their phone, would be a huge discomfort to passengers. The problem is most people (including me) talk louder when on the phone. A little of this falls on the lack of good technology to allow quiet conversations to take place on phone calls.

In the end I hope FCC continues the ban of talking on the phone while in flight, but allowing texting.

Comment: How hard is it? (Score 1) 408

by CHK6 (#45594325) Attached to: Death to the Trapezoid... Next USB Connector Will Be Reversible
My minor annoyances with plugs are with all plugs that require a single form of orientation to work. I seem to find myself frequently having to twist wires to match up with the devices.

My biggest gripe are the small AC to DC wall warts. Try as they might with different orientations of their bulbus shapes, they always take up to much room on my power strips.

I do love the headphone jack. Simple, easy, and universal.

Comment: I love a come back story (Score 1) 83

by CHK6 (#45327415) Attached to: BlackBerry Abandons Sale Plans, Will Replace CEO
Personally I want Black Berry to rise up as a Phoenix and fully recover. Yes the executives were very narrow sighted and poor executors, the proof is where the company is now. Many times this is the death spiral of a great many technology companies. Instead of hiring an ivy league executive as the CEO, find a passionate visionary that is hell bent on lifting Black Berry back into position. To many tech companies have died off due to the shear stupidity of the executives. So going back to the same executive well, will mostly result in the company to limp along a sad path of defeat.

So Canada, grow a new pair of hockey pucks, open up a Labatt Blue, and get the frak back to work.

Comment: So what your saying is... (Score 2) 142

by CHK6 (#45167461) Attached to: No, the Earth (almost Certainly) Won't Be Hit By an Asteroid In 2032
There is still a chance that a viral zombie outbreak will happen before we are hit by an asteroid? Because a population ending asteroid would ruin the fun of it. Now if a population ending asteroid wanted to hit say after humanity overcame the zombie apocalypse, then I'm okay with that. Unless there is a space alien invasion. Then we need a zombie outbreak to be in full swing just as the space aliens invade. Then an asteroid can hit killing everything. However, if there is a chance for machines to become self-aware and bent on killing all organic life, then we need to hold off on the asteroid. So first we have the zombie outbreak, then the space aliens invade, and finally the rise of the Terminators comes about. Then after the dust settles, an asteroid can hit.

Comment: Mine is technical debt (Score 1) 473

by CHK6 (#45167301) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Are the Hardest Things Programmers Have To Do?
I really haven't had the issues the writer mentioned, maybe here and there early on in my career. Overtime I have come to a comfortable ease controlling those points.

The problem I have is technical debt that grows under mounting pressure from those that see programming more as an assembly line than an art. This is where, largely due to budget or time constraints, design corners are cut. Over a period of time, all of these short-cuts led to a huge debt that forces a new re-design. At first I could not articulate this concept to managers and customers. However I can now and I have the stakeholders sign-off on the technical debt to meet deadlines or budget requirements. That way when the debt gets to a level that is no more sustaining, I can go back and show what was sacrificed and who signed off on it.

Comment: How many distros say yes? (Score 4, Interesting) 576

by CHK6 (#44892515) Attached to: Linus Torvalds Admits He's Been Asked To Insert Backdoor Into Linux
I'm more interested in the major distributors like Red Hat, Ubuntu, Suse, and the like. Linus might say no, but there are many within the supply chain that are willing to say yes.

Then add the idea if the major distributors say no, then what of those closed source drivers many of the distros use?

Comment: Expensive migration (Score 3, Interesting) 109

by CHK6 (#44874577) Attached to: IBM Promises $1B Investment In Linux Development

Where will the $1 billion go? To a large extent, on facilities and personnel to help Power users move to Linux. One new center in Montpellier, France, will be set up for that purpose, McCredie says.

When they say large extent, what exactly does that mean? Like $800 million for the land and development of a shiny new building, $100 million for Power servers, and $900K for salaried personnel? Leaving $100K to hire 10 India engineers to work feverishly on the Linux code?

Comment: You cannot buy yourself (Score 1) 260

by CHK6 (#43790221) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Can Yahoo Actually Stage a Comeback?
You cannot buy yourself a comeback, unless you own a sports team. Just ask the board of HP. They have been trying to bail out the water of the SS HP for a long time for a comeback. How has the Compaq purchase made HP stronger? Or the EDS? Or Autonomy? The list is long in the tear along the bow of ship.

But back to Yahoo. Your ship is still listing.

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