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Comment Be the admiral, not the captain (Score 2) 194

The best realization I have come to understand my own position is based on a simple sang, "do you know the difference between an admiral and a captain? A captain is on the ship." The core elements of this is simple, one must set the vision and set forth the players to play their roles. And then there are those that carry out the varies tasks, such that broader visions become successful.

You are lamenting at the loss of being on the ship and controlling the details of tactical in the now decisions. Being evaluated to a new post and now you believe you are to be given free reign over all of the dominion; like a digital janitor with keys to unlock all doors, travel among, and bypassing the locks meant for others. Why do you need such control? Is it to shape the landscape in your own image? Do you lack the rapport and trust with your captains? Are you feeling blind to an environment thus looking to gasp and grope your way into understanding? Have you found your level of incompetency that is foretold by the Peter Principle? Or is your motives more narcissistic?

You have a new role to play. Embrace the loss of control and embrace the role you play. Become the admiral.

Comment Is the user or device at fault? (Score 1) 157

Thou rare, I have run into assembly instructions were I joined two one-way parts together only to later find out I picked up the wrong part because of similarities and lack of labeling from the manufacturer. Then I'm stuck with trying to figure out how to unlock the parts or mangling them to separate.

Though the humorous laughs of "you're doing it wrong" at the users' expense if funny, I think we have all been there. Since the device in question is suppose to operate to accept the stylus pen, one would think at least one of the Samsung engineers tried to put the pen in wrong at least once. But then either didn't care or was told not to care and allow the design flaw to be over sighted. This just says Samsung and Ikea are in the same boat.

Comment Note the "senior members" part (Score 2) 392

Coming from software development to enterprise IT was a massive eye opening shocker for me. I found many senior level IT professionals could easily be senior level manufacturing professionals, or marketing, or operations for that matter. So just because they have IT in their title, doesn't mean they understand the information or the technology.

Comment Resell value? (Score 1) 434

By the time I'm done using up a laptop there is no resale value because it's completely shot and would cost more to repair it than buy a new one.

I can image this is a value stake for those that desire the latest hardware and gizmo-tronics. But when I buy a tool I use it until that point that it cannot be repaired and 2nd hand salvage is the best hope for anything left over.

Comment Reminds me of pool lilly pads (Score 3, Informative) 234

Makers and pool owners have been doing this for many years. The problem is black pool lilly pads are used to heat the water and reduce evaporation. The later which CA wants to do. I'm not sure what lives in the reservoir, but it's about to get stewed. If these balls are made of HDPE or LDPE then they be "carbon black" to maximize UV protection to prevent degrading overtime. This makes sense because HDPE and LDPE plastics are food grade safe and as we know CA is very chemical conscious for the most part. I would have opted for for white colorant into the plastic, but that would reduce life span and might increase cost by a cent or two per ball. As for the balls rotating in the wind lifting up film of water over their surface and increasing evaporation, I doubt it. Those balls look heavy enough to hold on to the water tension and not rotate.

Comment Re:Offsetting the dog bite (Score 1) 663

Your body burns more calories in total regardless if you get out of bed, than hours and hours of working out. It takes calories to just run the body alone. Only sugars in the blood is turned to fat. No sugars no fat. Pretty simple. If I ate 10K calories of just fiber and fat marbled steaks alone and stayed in bed all day, I would not get fat. If I eat just 1000 calories of carrots and then a liter of zero calorie diet soda, I'd get fat.

Comment Those that don't think calories in/out is BS (Score 1) 663

If you think calories in and calories out is the cure of weight loss you are insane. If it was really just about calories, then you believe that 500 calories of caramel is the same as 500 of almonds, you are just flat out drinking the diet koolaid lied to us.

I was eating 1500-2000 calories of nutritious foods, plus several zero calorie diet sodas every day. Never losing any more than 10 lbs. Now I admit my long coding and sitting stints are bad and I'm working on it. But once I flipped to no sugars (no artificial sweetners too), then BAM I lost weight like a freight train with same calorie intake and no change to job schedule.

Comment Re:So what do you drink now, instead? (Score 1) 663

First, I hear ya.

Basically I drink coffee and water. I wish I liked tea, but it tastes so terrible to me. Now when I have the need for something else other than just coffee or water, I squeeze and put lemon or grapefruit wedge(s) in my water to flavor it up. Other than that, nothing else. I envy the bliss of others that sip sip away on various delicious drinks, but acknowledging my addiction to sugar has helped me stay away. The hard part is eating at restaurants. I say around 50/50 are geared to serve water. Usually it's some tap water and you are never sure if it's filtered or not.

I stay away from fruit juices like the plague because they are sugar bombs. I was using those water flavors you can add, but they are filled with sugars also. Ugh... So I just use strong tasting fruit from the produce department to add flavor to my water.

I always get a question about the sugars in fruit. Turns out the sugar in fruit is bound to fiber that the body knows how to process. And both natural sugar and synthetic sweeteners are not bound to fiber and the body dumps it to the liver which automagically converts it to fat with insulin. The sad thing is I paid attention in middle and high school health and biology classes. They never talked about this. It was always calories in and calories out.

Good luck on your health journey. Oh and watch a documentary on Netflix called Fed Up. Pretty enlightening on the topic of sugars.

Comment Offsetting the dog bite (Score 3, Insightful) 663

Looks like Coca Cola is now on phase 3 of 4 of the 4 Dog Defense model. My dog bites, but it didn't hurt you. So Coca Cola knows that's their sugary syrup drinks are dangerous to the human body and now they are saying that's it's not harmful enough to actually hurt you. This is nothing more than Coca Cola saying it's okay to smoke just a pack of cigarettes a day, but then jog a few miles to work it off. And deflecting the cause on obesity and type-2 diabetes on someone else's dog.

Truth is the human body can only consume a small amount of sugar, much smaller than the standard 12 oz can of soda. As a recovering sugar addict from my days of 12+ hours of coding and consuming _zero_ calorie diet soda to stay focused, I have lost over 40 lbs so far in the last few months. Calories in and calories out is a bunch of BS. I drank zero calorie diet soda like water and only had a 1200-1500 calorie a day consumption. I should have been losing weight.

I have now realized I was poisoning myself on soda and addicted to it. I will admit the first 30 days off soda was a b___h.

Comment UK chumming the waters (Score 1) 190

I applaud the UK for setting forth the initiative, but odds are in the end either the cost to end their reliance will be greater than the costs for the licenses or they will end up in a perpetual hybrid model of keeping Oracle for their existing infrastructure and leveraging alternative solutions for the future.

Flipping a mid-size company off of Oracle products to alternative solutions is hard, but doable.Trying to migrate multiple governmental institutions and departments... lets just say the UK just chummed the waters for vendors to make glorious promises.

My guess is UK is just shaking the limbs and see if they can get a better license deal from Oracle.

Comment Chris Beard is so funny (Score 1) 371

I love it when CEOs of other competitor companies cry foul. It's cute in a childish way and reminds me of kids bemoaning injustices of others. Am I to believe that Firefox OS will run Microsoft Edge or IE 11 and let me to set those browsers as default in Firefox OS?

Maybe, just maybe, Chris Beard needs to rethink Mozilla's model as technologies are changing and get out of the era of 1980's-90's thinking. You know when floppies discs were common.

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