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Comment: Snake Oil (Score 0) 408

For Arker (91948); real medicine is always a trade off between desired effects and side effects. Usually the side effects are far outweighed by the therapeutic outcome of the medicine. As a pharmacist, I learned in school way back in the late 1970's that most of what homeopathy offered was nothing more than the placebo effect and high product margins for those selling these products. Today, large retail pharmacies including CVS, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Etc. are still selling these "cures". It's not because they work, it's because of the high profit margins and the fact that people will still buy them. Back in the 1980's, the pharmacy I worked in sold acophidy bags. These were bags of "medical herbs" which when worn around the neck were touted to ward off colds and flu. Well, these things smelled so bad that no one would want to come around those who wore them, so, there may have been some validity in their claims. Alas, these and so many other "cures" were just snake oil cures. When homeopathic medicine conducts and publishes double-blind studies proving their safety and effectiveness, I will look at them in a new light. Until then, they are just another form of SNAKE OIL!!!

Comment: Something to add (Score 0) 470

by CHIT2ME (#46679403) Attached to: It's Time To Bring Pseudoscience Into the Science Classroom
They should add a study comparing religions and how they are all aimed at the same thing. That thing is like Daoism, the individual persons battle to control their good vs. bad side (Ying and Yang). For many people this can be done without believing in Gods, Goddesses, ghosts, goblins, demons, trolls, or even wood nymphs! The overriding problem is the push back you will receive from the people whose livings are supported by religion, namely organized superstition (yes, this includes the Pope!). They will not give up their power and money without a huge fight.

Comment: Re:Dark matter as likely as ether and phlogiston (Score 0) 91

There are two things you are forgetting in your critique. First, we are just beginning to look for occulusions caused by "dark worlds". It's far too early to draw any conclusions on this. Second, what about the billions or even trillions of small to medium black holes floating about the universe? These, also, cannot be seen and have a bad habit of curving light around themselves to further hide themselves from detection. As I hope you are aware, black holes, even small ones have enormously more mass than even Jupiter sized dark worlds.

Comment: Re:"pro-Russian forces in Crimea" (Score 0) 479

If you don't consider your government to be imperialist, why don't you (Russia), restore the Japanese islands you took after WWII? This was purely an imperialistic move on the part of Soviet Russia. Russia was not threatened by Japan during WWII, they (Russia), just wanted to extend their empire!

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by CHIT2ME (#46384277) Attached to: Scottish Independence Campaign Battles Over BBC Weather Forecast
Tribalism, look it up! When will humans on this earth realize that we are all of the same "tribe"? The separate countries of the world should be joining together into larger and larger countries until the entire earth is covered by just one government. Then, and only then, can we start to solve some of the worlds' most pressing problems. Too much ideology for you? Then you are just one more member of a local tribe who must come to the realization that this the only way for the human race to survive!

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