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Comment Re:Uh? How does the DMCA apply to an ISP? (Score 2) 100

Previous slashdot story:
Cox's response:

Their response is actually kinda fun to read.

It's even more fun if you mentally replace the redacted sections with uninterrupted cussing! Some of the sections are quite long, so get creative! ;-)

Comment Re:Credit watch (Score 1) 256

So, your okay with puttinng up with the hassle of disputing the charge every month, but not with the temporary hassle of getting a new card? So you pay with cash for a few days and have to update cc details on a handful of sites. You're wasting more effort disputing the charges every month!

Just rip the damn band-aid off quickly already!

But...but...i have this number memorized... :'(

Yeah, I know, I should just do it. But it's also kind of a "why should I have to move, I was here first!" thing now. If I dispute it often enough, perhaps someone will actually investigate these assholes and shut them down...I know, wishful thinking...

Comment Wait...what? (Score 1) 222

Okay, let me get this straight. The owner of Bild is suing the maker of Blockr for blocking ads, thereby reducing his website's revenues. In practically the same breath he's bragging about how their strategy of counter-blocking users who are using ad-blocker technology is such a success:

Techcrunch reports: "In October, Axel Springer forced visitors to Bild to turn off their ad blockers or pay a monthly fee to continue using the site. Earlier this month, the publisher reported the success of this measure, saying that the proportion of readers using ad blockers dropped from 23% to the single digits when faced with the choice to turn off the software or pay. 'The results are beyond our expectations,' said Springer chief exec Mathias Döpfner at the time. 'Over two-thirds of the users concerned switched off their adblocker.' He also noted that the website received an additional 3 million visits from users who could now see the ads in the first two weeks of the experiment going live."

So...what's the problem here? If your users are 'seeing the light' and un-blocking your site after being told to 'or else', and you're apparently getting more users than ever, what's the financial harm being done here?

What's that? Is it possible that users aren't reacting as positively to your bullying tactics as you'd like us to believe? You'd lie to us? *shocked-face*

Comment Re:Credit watch (Score 1) 256

Can't they do something like what the credit card companies do and put a "watch" on the account? When I did customer service, we didn't have specific watches, but we had the call log and pulled up customer history with every call. They could, at the very least, put NOTICE CUSTOMER WATCH in the subject line for a log entry. They could request to not have any service changed except by personal appearance with ID at the office. That should easily stop a teen from Europe.

Hell, I can't even get my cc company to block charges from some lowlife scammer, I have to dispute the charge every.damn.month.

I am told the only way to stop them is to cancel and get a new card issued...trouble is, it's only $20 per month. That is an enormous hassle to me because the credit card company can't just block one bad actor...I'm continuing to dispute the charges month-by-month so far, but once it reaches a year of this nonsense I'll probably cave in and get a new card. Damn their eyes.

Comment Re:Firefighting Capacity (Score 1) 91

How much water or other suppressant can it carry?

Doesn't help if you can get to a fire, and not have anything to put it out.....

Indeed, and the only "practical" delivery method would be to fly over and basically and drop it on the fire.

Can't you just imagine the hilarity if someone were to try to use any sort of propellant while operating one of these? What are you supposed to do, lean into it? "Whoops...just launched another one into the burning building with a backpack of fuel, guess these fire extinguishers aren't as fully charged as we!"

Comment Re:Moderation (Score 4, Interesting) 59

Why can't we just have moderation? Most of the poor (low quality, as opposed to negative) reviews are easy to spot; knuckleheads that break things two seconds after they get it out of the package; half the things they buy are mysteriously "DOA." Moderation enables your smart customers to punish your idiot customers.

Just spotted one of these today on A beautiful hand made band pass filter rated 4.2/5 instead of the 5/5 it deserves because — years ago — some moron used it on the wrong band for the wrong purpose and rated it 0/5.

I thought that was what the "Was this review helpful to you? YES/NO/Report Abuse" options were for?

Effective community policing needs an involved community like slashdot. Even here, where nobody's trying to sell you anything other than an opinion, the sock-puppet modding can get out of hand sometimes...

Comment Re:Typing versus Reading (Score 1) 304

On the other hand, students and people in-general have gotten > and < confused for a long time. I can understand why too, they look like arrows, and normally we associate the arrow as pointing to the thing that we are attempting to focus on. They also look a bit funnel-like, almost like they're representing how the thing on the open-side is a component of the thing on the pointed-side.

Huh, interesting. I learned that they were Pac-Man skeletons, and of course an undead Pac-Man would eat the biggest meal he could find...

My primary school math teacher may have been a bit eccentric, but hey, he was memorable :)

Comment In Saskatchewan, the clock never moves... (Score 1) 252

We don't switch...but everyone around us does, so it's (almost) as big a PITA as if we did switch.

Now I have to try to remember which of my vendors are ahead an hour and which are on the same time as us...and fix any new meters that got set up with the DST switch enabled by default...

I always wondered about that, how utilities handle DST. Are the customers billed for a 25-hour day on one end, then a 23-hour day on the other end? Or does the time stamp on power meters and such never change, thereby adding an extra layer of confusion for reconciliation? Bah...

DST is unnecessarily complicated, should be obliterated IMHO.

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