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by CBravo (#47746051) Attached to: Iceland Stands Down On Travel Alert: From Orange To Red and Back Again
You can workaround this with procedures. Iceland could provide a radiostation which you must monitor being in the area near the vulcano. The radiostation could periodically/automatically say that everything is OK or that it is not. Obligatory notifications that you are entering and leaving the area are often used.

Comment: Re:Simple explanation: John Swanson is scared. (Score 1) 173

by CBravo (#47236713) Attached to: Dell Exec Calls HP's New 'Machine' Architecture 'Laughable'
They should not only redesign software for CPU architecture. Most software is created for a single cpu and a single memory space. In real life we have multiple processors, multiple kinds of memory (cache, ram, disk/ssd, raid, san, distributed file systems), network interfaces between server and client (what do you consider 'an application' on the internet?).

And while we are at it: We have issues with software reuse, bugs (in general) and testability, security. Software development is in the pre-industrial age, afaiac.

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by CBravo (#47072569) Attached to: Why Not Every New "Like the Brain" System Will Prove Important
Before designing a system you want to know which problems are solved ('why?') and they must be tangible. Here are some aspects that would be nice to solve: code reuse is nice to save time, reducing bugs, testability, security, stability, high availability, maintainability... Not all problems are solved well in humans.

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