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The Internet

Statewide Franchise Illegal? Detroit Sues Comcast 183

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the that-sounds-desperate dept.
jqpublic13 writes "The City of Detroit, Michigan, is suing Comcast's local subsidiary citing a 2006 agreement which the City says violates the constitutions of both the United States and the state of Michigan. They claim that a federal act from 1984 supersedes the local agreement. Comcast has 20 days to respond."

Comment: Re:Wikipedia also used to fit on iPods (Score 1) 412

by CAlworth1 (#29784979) Attached to: Wikipedia In Your Pocket, $99
Last year when I started my own iPhone wiki reader the dump was 3.5 gigs compressed, and about 16gigs of uncompressed xml. A week ago when I pulled a new version to test out my New And Improved version, the dump was 5.2 gigs, and while I haven't the space or need to fully decompress it, it seems to clock in at 23.5 gigs. I can't speak for this device, but for my (ad-hoc only) app, I strip out most of the xml and build an index, which has a net effect of shrinking the compressed size dump by 5-15%, depending on the level of compression used, and so the cost to read out individual articles.

Comment: Re:citation please (Score 1) 412

by CAlworth1 (#29750255) Attached to: Wikipedia In Your Pocket, $99
As a developer of one of those offline iphone apps, images get left out due to their sheer size. The 4gigs that are referred to only includes the text - the current dump is closer to 6, even when zipped up, with xml wrapping removed. LaTeX would be a good idea though, as it could be generated as needed... /me adds that to his tracker.
External links are easy though, the device makes it simple to send the user to safari to browse the real web. I have my own version because I have the iPod Touch, and often roam well outside the range of wireless networks.

Comment: Re:What? No Mr. Fusion? (Score 1) 213

by CAlworth1 (#28456023) Attached to: Steorn's "Free Energy" Jury Comes Back To Bite Them
There is a hole in that - assuming that time travel is possible in any universe, it is possible in effectively all universes. After all, people from that one universe can go 'back' and form new pasts where time travel is clearly also possible. Additionally, if the act of traveling back in time creates a new past (branches an existing one), then most pasts should be the result of someone traveling back in time.

Following from that, suppose that only two people use distinct time machines in each and every universe where time travel is possible. It should be clear that the vast majority of universes now are the direct result of time travel. So unless one is incredibly unlucky to live in the handful of exceptions, time travel doesnt work like that.

My understanding is that the accepted idea oh how any such time travel could work is that once built, a hypothetical machine can only travel back as far as its own creation. Meaning that for each 'family' of created universes, none get time travel until the 'present' when the first one invents it.

+ - Astronaut Love Triangle Turns Violent

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "I know that some will howl this is not News for Nerds, but I also know that you can't resist the sleasy details of an all NASA love triangle that turned violent. asaastronaut0507feb05,0,6104316.story?coll=orl-hom e-headlines

Don't worry, it had nothing to do with the recent Hubble failure..."

+ - Some MP3 Players Incompatible with Vista

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Slashdot posted an article that iPods might have problems with Vista and Apple would update iTunes for Vista in a few weeks. There were some accusations that Apple tried to make Vista look bad. However, it turns out that iPods are not alone in having problems with Vista. Digital Chosunilbo has an article titled More Windows Vista Problems for Korean Firms which points out that other MP3 players may also have problems with Vista.

Korean MP3 players were also found to be incompatible with Vista. A Samsung Electronics spokesman said that the company's new music devices are compatible with Vista, but that older models like the YP-20S don't function well. ReignCom said that its H10 and an MP3-playing electronic dictionary are incompatible with Vista. A ReignCom spokesman said that the firm is developing a program to resolve the problem and that it should be ready this month. Facing a similar problem, other MP3 player maker like COWON are also testing to find out if their products work with Vista.

+ - Iranian scientists claim to have cured AIDS

Submitted by
user317 writes "The Iranian government's boasts of "great achievements", included an announcement on Saturday that Iranian scientists have "introduced an AIDS cure". After seven long years of arduous work, Iranian scientists here on Saturday introduced a herbal medicine which cures Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). "The drug named 'IMOD' is completely effective and safe with no proven side effects," Iran's Minister of Health Kamran Bagheri Lankarani claimed during a ceremony."

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