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by C0R1D4N (#46723733) Attached to: UN Report Reveals Odds of Being Murdered Country By Country
The biggest problem is integration. Where minorities are integrated with the white population (East Asians, Arabs and Indians for example) their children thrive just as well as white children. When the population is split off into its own communities (Blacks, Hispanics, orthodox religious) not so much. When I visited London last year with my (gay) husband I never once feared for my safety near a minority. If I did the same in NYC, even parts of Manhattan, there would be at least a little unease.

It was easier in England for them to integrate their minorities (having fewer of them) but it really is the key to success.

There's basically two choices, give them a state to call their own and let their culture persist there, or fully integrate them by spreading out the mix.

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