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Comment Re: Censoring speech... (Score 1) 585

Were I them, I would be focusing my efforts this generation and next in repopulating, reinforcing cultural teachings and unity and acquiring wealth. The Jews are phenomenal example of recovering from their holocaust. I have witnessed small Jewish communities explode in population and influence over a span of only thirty years. The Amerindians could do the same with focused effort.

Comment Re: Censoring speech... (Score 2) 585

The overkill theory has been pretty much shot down. For one thing, megafauna disappeared worldwide at roughly the same time, there have not been mass remains found near native settlements, and those that disappeared were primarily predators, not food herbivore species. Competition with humans was likely a cause, maybe even the leading cause but it wasn't overhunting.

Comment Re: And then there's gold pressed latinum (Score 2) 563

Star Trek seems a bit more egalitarian. There's hierarchies where there needs to be, and the Captain certainly get his own private toilet, but in things like restaurant reservations except where the owner specifically lets someone skip ahead or come in with no reservation based on merit I think it is equal. They won't keep Joe Plumber out entirely because of some perceived social class.

Comment Re:Shut them down (Score 1) 122

Google could afford to do it if they were willing to sell. Some of them may be able to be bought out individually or through a hostile takeover, others like Sony, who are part of a major conglamerate, you have to convince to actually sell. There's also the catch of the US Government probably trying to stop a company or anyone else from doing that. They might get away with it though if there were releasing it all into public domain as they bought it, since then there would be no monopoly for the FTC to stop.

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