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Comment: Re:Can this peer-to-peer like Bittorrent (Score 2) 151

by C0R1D4N (#48026441) Attached to: LTE Upgrade Will Let Phones Connect To Nearby Devices Without Towers
Actually what he wrote was fine; he stated there wasn't seamless coverage across the entirety of North America, not just west of the Mississippi. Suggesting that areas east of the river were also problematic despite their general higher population density.

Comment: Re:This isn't scaremongering. (Score 1) 494

by C0R1D4N (#47934089) Attached to: Scotland's Independence Vote Could Shake Up Industry
Any state can secede, but no state can secede UNILATERALLY which is an important distinction. If a state wants to secede they can't just get the approval of their own citizenry, but that of the rest of the country. The process to do this is through constitutional amendment. If the south had gone this route 150 years ago, the map would probably look a lot different today.

Comment: Re:The Nanny State Strikes again! (Score 1) 364

by C0R1D4N (#47871385) Attached to: Text While Driving In Long Island and Have Your Phone Disabled
So what you're saying is, nothing happened. Cell phone use (talking and texting) has skyrocketed over the last decade. The accident rates have not risen in correlation with it. People are going to be distracted while driving, regardless of the distraction. If someone is at fault in an accident, the cause of their distraction should not be the issue; they are responsible whether they were texting or eating a hamburger or talking to the person next to them. The penalties should be the same as well without regard to the actual distraction.

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There's also cultural influence to consider. English being known throughout the world is more a result of Hollywood/The Internet coming out of the US than it is old British Imperialism (assuming you don't count the fact that America itself exists as a result of that). I don't think Britain is interested in being a world power again, but if they want to, increasing the influence of their culture over the rest of the world is an important part of it.

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