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Comment: Re:Teaching will be one of the last jobs to go (Score 1) 352

by ByTor-2112 (#49559815) Attached to: The Future Deconstruction of the K-12 Teacher

Wrong! 95% of a teacher's job these days is keeping kids off their phones, staying awake, stop talking, and calling parents to get them to make their kid behave. Gone are the good old days when you told the kids to get the F out and they went for a paddling. Students really have the "upper hand" in things these days.

Comment: Conclusion goes too far? (Score 3, Insightful) 159

by ByTor-2112 (#48775245) Attached to: Inside North Korea's Naenara Browser

Can you really generalize that all the internal network must be from the block? What prevents those addresses from being used other than convention and router setup. Perhaps they are only for the internal government computers to make them completely invisible to outside networks.

Comment: Whatever their friends use (Score 1) 93

by ByTor-2112 (#48435149) Attached to: WhatsApp To Offer End-to-End Encryption

What encrypted messaging app do I use? None. My friends don't use it. I had *one* friend I could talk into installing Telegram. But it's really not "secure" because it saves things on your device, and the desktop version saves things in the clear, so anyone with access to your computer can ready them.

Like another poster said, the other end is your weak link. An open source app might even be worse, because someone could modify their app to say a message was deleted when it wasn't. Or rather, their device could be hacked and a modified app installed.

If WhatsApp really does do E2E encryption, more power to them, but don't assume it's very secure.

Comment: Check your phone wiring (Score 1) 279

Houses built in the last 5 years or so usually have cat5 wiring to the phone jacks. And they are probably pulled to a convenient location for a switch. My last home was like that and I rewired the phone for gigabit, got a switch that supported PoE and installed HP intellijack switches on the walls where I needed multiple ports. Worked great. The new owners should be thanking me!

Comment: Re:Magic (Score 1) 370

by ByTor-2112 (#47883529) Attached to: The State of ZFS On Linux

You could add the 3TB drive to the pool, it just wouldn't be a part of the RAID-Z vdev and thus have limited redundancy. It would be RAID-0. But you could survive one failure in the original vdev. Any additional failure or loss of the new drive would result in total loss of data.

So... Backup, destroy pool, restore. Think ahead better the next time. Really, a good SAS JBOD controller is only a couple hundred bucks. Spend the money and plan your storage accordingly.

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