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Comment Re:One device to rule them all (Score 4, Interesting) 169

Parent is correct about DC Rainmaker. He's very thorough and accurate.

For tunes, I recommend an ipod shuffle (the ONLY apple product I use). It's perfect for sports, it's VERY cheap, the battery lasts a long time, and if it can handle my sweat it can handle anything.

Your garmin watch should not be having these problems. A 3 hour battery life is either a dud battery or something weird wrong with the software. Try a full reset. Regardless, you won't find anything better than a forerunner.

Comment Re:The first question that comes to my mind (Score 1) 546

The first question that comes to my mind is, "Has anything actually been cracked?" Maybe this is all just some kind of release to make Snowden looked bad. All I know is that spying is all about lying. All I know is that I'm an American who feels compelled to be an Anonymous Coward when talking about things like this... in America, and wondering if that makes any real difference. All I know is that they, ultimately, will die just as I will die. All I know is all they know, when you reduce it down. The spy is in me, and try as I might... I cannot decipher my own secret.

Unless you posted using HTTPS and Tor, assume that they know exactly who it was.

Comment Re:Just GBE everywhere! (Score 1) 557

You should run 4 cat6 (that's a nice round number) to every place you are going to run a cable outlet or phone jack. Many builders use cat5 for the phone system anyway; I rewired the phone lines in my last house to GBE and used intellijack PoE switches on the walls. Would have been easier to just run 2 or more drops to each. With 4 ports you can handle a "smart tv", media streamer, HTPC, and a spare for something else. Cat6 is cheap compared to your construction costs; just run it all inside a 2" PVC pipe.

Comment Re:Teaching will be one of the last jobs to go (Score 1) 352

Wrong! 95% of a teacher's job these days is keeping kids off their phones, staying awake, stop talking, and calling parents to get them to make their kid behave. Gone are the good old days when you told the kids to get the F out and they went for a paddling. Students really have the "upper hand" in things these days.

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