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Journal: Shills.

Journal by ByOhTek

It's funny how so many here seem to call everyone a shill if their oppinions don't match. In my AC days, I was called that quite a bit. An MS shill sometimes, an Apple shill others, though never a Linux shill, or a FreeBSD shill.

Here's a hint - someone who can look at an operating system and see that it has pros and cons, is not a shill.

Yes, I can see advantages to Windows - I'm not a Microsoft shill, I've just had good experiences with the os, and know plenty of others who have as well. Nor do I think it's flawless (if it were, I'd be using it for my main os.)

Apple shill? MacOS vies with Linux at the bottom of my OS preference list. Nonetheless, I can list plenty of good things in the OS. It just isn't for me. You'd be more accurate if you called me a BeOS shill. I wish that OS still existed...

Yes, I see flaws with Linux, I see advantages too. No OS is perfect, not even Linux. Sorry. It doesn't work for me, and my saying that doesn't mean I think you shouldn't use it. Nor do I think it is ready for the general prublic, though I think it's getting closer.

Why hasn't anyone called me a FreeBSD shill yet? Honestly, it's my favorite OS. Sure I see disadvantages to it as well as advantages, but c'mon, this is the closest you could be to accurate in calling me a shill.

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