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Sources Say Apple Originally Planned AMD Chip For MacBook Air 197

Posted by timothy
from the llano's-just-a-town-in-texas dept.
Several media sources (here's PC Magazine's version), all seemingly based on an account at SemiAccurate citing (but not naming) "multiple sources," report that Apple originally planned an AMD-chip based MacBook Air, rather than the Intel-based version that emerged later ("Plan B," says the report).
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Steam Success Holding Up Half-Life Development? 235

Posted by Soulskill
from the freeman-is-coding-the-whole-thing-himself dept.
donniebaseball23 writes "Steam is a huge success, and it's arguably the leading digital distribution platform for gamers on the PC. But has the growth of Steam's business led to a slowdown in Valve's own games development? Is the so-called 'Valve Time' actually a symptom of Steam's hogging Valve's resources? That's the argument that Stardock's Brad Wardell made this week. 'If you were to look at a timeline of games developed in-house by Valve – not developed externally and then acquired – and you look at before Steam and after Steam, it's definitely had an effect,' he said." It's probably also slowed by the imminent launch of Portal 2, which is due out next Tuesday in North America.

Comment: Re:It gets sillier all the time. (Score 4, Insightful) 452

by Bwian_of_Nazareth (#33341410) Attached to: Look For AI, Not Aliens

"Why would it appear to be random noise?"

"How would we decode it?"

It is a big stretch to say that because you cannot decode it it would look like a random noise. I cannot read Chinese but I can recognize it from random noise. The argument is invalid - to recognize a message, we do not need to understand the message.

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