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Submission Thousands of Photos by Apollo Astronauts now on Flickr->

schwit1 writes: A cache of more than 8,400 high-resolution photographs taken by Apollo astronauts during trips to the moon is now available for viewing and download. Kipp Teague, who created the massive image repository Project Apollo Archive in 1999, recently uploaded new, unprocessed versions of original NASA photo scans to the image sharing service Flickr.

Teague says every photo taken on the lunar surface by astronauts with their chest-mounted Hasselblad cameras is included in the collection, along with numerous other Hasselblad photos shot from Earth and lunar orbit, as well as during the journey between the two.

View the Flickr gallery here.

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Submission Explosion of shortsightedness due to LCD->

Taco Cowboy writes: An epidemic of myopia has exploded amongst the young people in many countries — 96% of Koreans age 19 suffer from nearsightedness while 4 out of 5 Chinese students are also shortsighted

The root cause? LCD screen on their smartphones!

Back in 2013 eye surgeons already warned about the link of staring at smartphones and the development of shortsightedness ( ) but unfortunately the warning went unheeded

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DARPA Is Looking For Analog Approaches To Cyber Monitoring 41

chicksdaddy writes: Frustrated by adversaries continued success at circumventing or defeating cyber defense and monitoring technologies, DARPA is looking to fund new approaches, including the monitoring of analog emissions from connected devices, including embedded systems, industrial control systems and Internet of Things endpoints, Security Ledger reports.

DARPA is putting $36m to fund the Leveraging the Analog Domain for Security (LADS) Program (PDF). The agency is looking for proposals for "enhanced cyber defense through analysis of involuntary analog emissions," including things like "electromagnetic emissions, acoustic emanations, power fluctuations and thermal output variations." At the root of the program is frustration and a lack of confidence in digital monitoring and protection technologies developed for general purpose computing devices like desktops, laptops and servers.

The information security community's focus on "defense in-depth" approaches to cyber defense are ill suited for embedded systems because of cost, complexity or resource limitations. Even if that were possible, DARPA notes that "attackers have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to pierce protection boundaries, exploiting the fact that any security logic ultimately executes within the same computing unit as the rest of the (compromised) device software and the attacker's code."

Comment Re:Clarification? (Score 1) 106

You can't get away from complexity. What you can do is organize the system around a simplified choke point with the complex parts (even hardware like NICs) mapped into unprivileged VMs. In this case, Qubes OS utilizes a type 1 hypervisor as if it were a microkernel...

And yes, the proportion of eyes to LOC does seem to matter for Xen (it runs AWS and EC2) and this is why it was chosen for Qubes desktop.

United States

The US and China Agree Not To Conduct Economic Espionage In Cyberspace 108

blottsie writes: The leaders of China and the United States agreed on Friday to take new steps to address cyberspying, vowing that neither country would conduct or knowingly support the theft of intellectual property. Senior law-enforcement and intelligence officials from both nations will evaluate how the two major powers respond to each other's requests for assistance fighting "malicious cyber activity," the White House said in a statement. The group will hold its first meeting before the end of the year, with subsequent meetings occurring twice per year.

Comment Re:Yes, we should give up because it is hard.. (Score 1) 683

I do believe you got that backward. The challenges of existing on Mars mirror the ecological problems that are mounting here on Earth. Pouring R&D dollars (and political will) into achieving a balance here will no doubt pay off in giving us the ability to establish a balance on Mars. Plus we get the 'little' bonus of saving humanity and its home, instead of perishing here with the cold comfort that a Mars outpost watches us dive before they do the same.

Its a cosmic intelligence test: Can you spot the Red herring?

Comment Thinkpads and more (Score 1) 236

Yeah, my T430s has been great with Linux and Qubes OS. Its also really tough, IMO. Thinkpads (not the consumer Ideapads) have remained near the very top in the Linux compatibility column.

OTOH, if you want something that is built to be SO compatible with Linux that all the hardware will run using open-source drivers, take a look at the Purism Librem. They have sexy 13" and 15" models.

Last but not least, you should know about Hardware Compatibility Lists (HCLs): All of the Linux ones I know about have become shrunken and worthless *except* for Ubuntu's which can recommend a wide variety of certified-compatible models. If it works with Ubuntu, there is a very high probability it will work with other decent distros.

Comment Re:Translation: (Score 1) 81

They use a vocabulary that's quite larger than yours, without the heaping doses of fallacy and hysteria -- and you are calling that Newspeak? I've got some news for you: The Bush II era is over.

But, thanks for "translating" and trying to weed out all the unnecessary words from /. and for being an example of the kind of anti-intellectual you pretend to rail against.

Comment ''Israel hasn't vowed to "wipe Iran off the map" (Score 1) 441

That's a sensationalist mis-translation that the western TV decided to run with.

As for Israel not killing Muslims abroad, that's ludicrous. And at home there's evidence that the Israeli government has a tendency to "link" every attack of a Jew by a Muslim with organized terrorism. In the incident that lead up to their 2015 bombing campaign, Israel's claims about Hamas involvement were exposed as bunk. The fallacious nature of the claim didn't stop them from surging into the strip (an open-air prison packed with state-less people) which led to an escalation in hostilities.

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