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Submission + - Safety expert: Virgin Galactic 'ignored' repeated warnings-> 2

Burz writes: AFP reports that a propulsion safety expert warned Virgin Galactic about their choice their choice of propellant for the ill-fated SpaceshipTwo. “Based on the work we’ve done, including me writing a paper on the handling of nitrous oxide, we were concerned about what was going on at Virgin Galactic,” she told AFP. “I sent copies of the paper to various people at Virgin Galactic in 2009, and they were ignored.”

Whether or not the crash was caused by the populsion system, this does make the company's attitude toward safety look questionable. Condsidering SpaceshipTwo was a civil passenger vehicle, were Virgin Galatic's engineers pushing the envelope too fast?

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Submission + - EU FairPhone starts 25k+ production run in one week

Burz writes: Ubuntu Edge may not have made it off the drawing board, but more ambitious FOSS-oriented devices have:

FairPhone has garnered over 32,000 orders for its socially-conscious design of the same name, overshooting the original 25k target in the time they allotted (a second run for the same model will start in January). Unfortunately, this sexy phone starts out as an EU-only product. The FairPhone is priced at 325 euros and will come loaded with Android 4.2, a 4.3" touchscreen, dual SIM slots, replaceable battery, and an admirable array of ports and sensors. What FairPhone aren't interested in selling you, however, is another charging brick-- bring your own! :)

Submission + - Doctorow tears up ISP contract: lack of neutrality->

Burz writes: As a reaction to Virgin Media CEO's promise to violate the concept of net neutrality, Cory Doctorow is declaring his ISP contract void, canceling the service, and asking other Virgin customers to do the same. He isn't alone, and neutrality apparently isn't the only reason to drop Virgin. Myself, I am thinking of stopping my Virgin Mobile service in protest.
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