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Comment Re:RapidWeaver (Score 1) 545

MouseR, I don't know if you're aware of this, but Apple has not killed iWeb or made any announcements to that effect. You can still use iWeb, you just can't upload to MobileMe anymore -- you have to upload to a standard hosting service. I've been using iWeb for years and have never used MobileMe (BlueHost is who I use), so the iCloud transition does not affect me.

Comment Re:Home School (Score 1) 1268

But, from what I've seen, an awful lot of folks who are doing home schooling aren't interested in exposing their kids to much of anything. They're more concerned about sheltering their kid either from harm, or from opposing viewpoints.

I'm married to a former teacher who is now homeschooling our two children. We're involved in a large homeschooling community, so I get to see lots of different homeschool types and what they're involved in.

My experience is that, in the vast majority of cases, these children are involved in many, many activities outside the home with their peers, partly for the simple reason that they actually have the time for extracurriculars (e.g., we can accomplish more in three hours of homeschooling than I ever accomplished in seven hours of "standard" schooling as a student). These extracurriculars cover the entire spectrum from science clubs to sports to writing and art clubs to you-name-it.

Now, I'm just as likely as anyone to snicker at the goofy homeschooler with all the awkward tics up there winning the National Spelling Bee, but I think there's often a lot of confirmation bias at play when folks paint with a broad brush as you've done. Sure, there are the weird goofy kids who homeschool, but, man alive, I knew a heckuva lot of weird goofy kids when I was in school too. And a lot of the socialization that goes on in public schools is not so positive...conformity, peer pressure, bullying, all sorts of groupthink. Let's not pretend that these are essential experiences for our children, or that positive socialization is unavailable or unsought after outside the public schools.

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