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Comment Re:ulterior motives (Score 1) 52

- Try and educate the ignorant people in China and other (mostly far-Eastern) countries who think horns and tusks have magical powers (I am not optimistic about this, but hey, we have to try).

If people are so stupid to believe that ivory will cure them of whatever, why go to all the effort to sell them actual ivory? It doesn't sound right, nor add up. I'd hazard a guess that we're simply being told that the Ivory is going to the uneducated, but rather it's really going to the highly educated mega-rich.

Comment Re:Good luck .. (Score 1) 230

For me, if you can customise the UI, then I'm happy. And since I can customise the ribbon, I'm happy to use it.

In my support role, years ago, when the ribbon was new, I used to see a lot of hate out there for the ribbon which I put down to the fact that people tend to hate change. But these days, the users that I support have figured out the ribbon, all memorised & customised, all using it daily (in applications not limited to MS) without complaint.

There's always one though... that user(s?) who carries on hating the ribbon is the same user who is too lazy to learn it. Too lazy to spend the time figuring out how to customize it. And are too busy at work for you to teach them, yet somehow find time once a fortnight to complain for hours on end about how much they hate Microsoft because of this or that... It's easier for them to blame someone else for their mistakes. But they couldn't possibly be the problem, it's the new ribbon, that's only been out 5 years now!

Like anything & everything, there are pros and cons. It's all about weighing up what's what, and at the end of the day, knowing your enemy.

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