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Watermelon Juice Makes Great Biofuel 160

Mike writes "Watermelons are more than just a tasty summer snack — researchers at the USDA have determined that the fruit constitutes a promising and economically viable source of biofuel. It turns out that the relatively high concentration of directly fermentable sugars in watermelon juice can be easily converted into ethanol. Rather than grow fields of the fruit for the purpose, the report suggests that farmers capitalize on the 20% of each annual watermelon crop that is left in the field because of surface blemishes or because they are misshapen."

Comment Re:Kids and Real Science don't mix (Score 2, Insightful) 145

Dude, It's about getting excited about learning and how stuff works. Science needs the superstars and interesting places to visit because it's usually not what's glorified in popular culture. Not everybody gets to live their dream but everyone wants a chance to hit the big time. If we show kids that being smart can lead to awesomeness like being athletic they might try for that. Someone's always gotta do the grunt work and that sucks when it's you.

But to lean on sports, You gotta be willing to play on the farm team to get called up to the majors.

Comment Re:Now if only people would take this into account (Score 1) 553

Well it serves me right for trying to get all fancy. Don't you hate it when you remember which password you used, but forget how you spelled it? I got locked out of my bank account for that one time. Originally I was going to advocate going the l33t method and swapping out numbers for letters but I seem to have outsmarted myself there.

You have a massage (from the Swedish prime minister).