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Comment: Re:Instantly communcation indeed (Score 3, Insightful) 322

by Bunji X (#30717690) Attached to: Tech Tools Fostering "Mini Generation Gaps"

Interest isn't relevant.
Do they want to learn? (Hopefully) Do the professor have the knowledge? (Hopefully) Do the professor have time to have one-on-one discussions with every singel student? (Unlikely)

Maybe they will have to get used to not recieving instant gratification, or learn some things the hard way.

Comment: Re:Someone should (Score 4, Funny) 178

by Bunji X (#28257503) Attached to: Swedish Anti-Piracy Lawyer Gets New Name 'Pirate'

Even more funny (or tragic) is the reason they found him guilty. Losely translated from my memory:

"The defendant has such peculiar looks that the court finds it unlikely that any young woman would willingly have sex with him."

I agree with the stand up comedian that later stated, "It must be hard having a court judgement declaring that you *are* ugly". No question about it. No doubts. You are legally declared ugly.

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