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Comment: Re:The problem is the other way round... (Score 1) 962

by Builder (#47521191) Attached to: The Daily Harassment of Women In the Game Industry

Most women who are in professional environments have had the experience where they propose a course of action, and people ignore them and keep talking, and then some guy proposes the same exact course of action, and everyone agrees with it, and concludes that the guy had the idea. Watch carefully in meetings and you can see it too. It's sort of magical.

Most guys have had that happen too.

Comment: Dodgy arrests under the terrorism act (Score 1) 240

by Builder (#47170943) Attached to: UK Seeks To Hold Terrorism Trial In Secret

People have been detained or arrested in the UK under various iterations of the terrorism act for really pathetic things. In one example, a woman was arrested for walking on a cycle path.

Given that we have already abused the terrorism laws by using them to detain and arrest people for offences that are clearly not terrorism related, how can we trust our system to hold trials in secret just because they are terrorism related ?

For all we know, these people walked on a cycle path - we have arrested people under terrorism related acts for things like this, so how can we be sure that the cause for arresting these people wasn't this trivial ?

Comment: Not a problem elsewhere (Score 2) 482

by Builder (#46897759) Attached to: Really, Why Are Smartphones Still Tied To Contracts?

This is only a problem in America from what I can tell.

In the UK and elsewhere in Europe, I buy my phone outright then buy connectivity to a network separately. I currently pay £12 per month (including taxes) for 300 minutes, 500 SMSs and unlimited data. The unlimited data seems truly unlimited so far.

We don't pay to receive calls or SMSs, so the low looking amounts shown there are more than adequate for my needs.

I change providers roughly once every 6 months as deals change to ensure that I'm getting the best possible deal, and I take my existing number with me at no extra charge.

Comment: Re:Gas price probably has more to do with it. (Score 1) 635

by Builder (#46034793) Attached to: U.S. Teenagers Are Driving Much Less: 4 Theories About Why

I think that really depends on your field. There's certainly loads more work available for me in London, and the pay outside of London for similar roles with similar hours is around 20% less.

Similar properties in Stamford (only place I know well enough to compare to) are not cheaper enough to impact my mortgage and travel options are more restricted there.

Comment: Re:Gas price probably has more to do with it. (Score 1) 635

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> I'm always amazed at people in the US who are happy to spend more than the equivalent of one working day a week just getting to and from work.

A significant number of people in London do that and more. The average commute for the people in my office is 45 minutes unless there are delays. At least twice a week, someone has a delay extend their journey.

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