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Comment Re:Sackings and investigation required. (Score 4, Interesting) 108 108

This can't be restored because the police do not want it restored. The are under investigation for abuse of stop and search powers, and racial profiling. Suddenly all of the reports that they have to file after each stop and search are gone. IT error my ass.

Comment Re:Also take aim at... (Score 1) 779 779

I think it's a little worse here in the UK than I've ever seen it before. Right now, teachers are being suspended if someone they live with has anything show up on their vetting.

Live with a guy who got a DUI 5 years ago ? Get suspended. Live with a guy who had an assault charge (note - charge, not necessarily conviction) brought against him? Suspended.

The government say that they've told the schools to use their discretion, but the schools have learned through issues like the Baby P fiasco not to trust that and will simply enforce the very letter of the new guidelines.

Comment Re:The DEA is just doing their job (Score 1) 577 577

Hmmm - in the UK, I would list the following: Cigarettes, alcohol, unhealthy fast food and cars. All of those kill more people than guns here.

And that's despite tens of thousands of privately held guns. We have very few murders that use legally held guns here.

Comment Re: don't use biometrics (Score 1) 328 328

The article has changed since I first read it from 'charged with' to 'accused of'

The Metropolitan Police said the men are accused of taking an oath of allegiance to the Islamic State (IS) militant group and arranging to buy a handgun equipped with a silencer and conducting "hostile reconnaissance" of a police station and Army barracks in London using Google Street View.

Comment Re:don't use biometrics (Score 1) 328 328

A number of men in the UK were recently charged with terrorism offences. One of the charges was for 'aggressive hostile surveilance using Google Maps'.

Got any streetview maps that include anything deemed sensitive in the UK ? Your skin a little brown? Don't use a fingerprint for auth here then!

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