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Comment: Re:Ten times stronger? (Score 3, Interesting) 106

by Bugler412 (#49071693) Attached to: Nanotech Makes Steel 10x Stronger
not directly changing the strength perhaps, but what if extreme corrosion resistance allowed you to reduce margins on structural members of bridges for instance (appropriately tested and vetted of course please!) or changed the durability of steel rebar in concrete? Reduced assumptions of corrosion loss over the years, that can be very significant and give an effective real world increase in the strength you are able to assume.

Comment: Re:Report this to the FCC (Score 1) 111

by Bugler412 (#48970601) Attached to: Fixing Verizon's Supercookie
unsure of the timing of the implementation of the supercookie, I had never thought to examine my HTTP traffic from the far side before the initial public reports. As far as voiding, with only three months left I am OK just waiting for it rather than burning work bandwidth on what I'm sure would be insane stonewalling and bureaucracy to void the contract. Would likely take longer than simply waiting and leaving, although that doesn't have much "protest effect"

Comment: Re:Report this to the FCC (Score 1) 111

by Bugler412 (#48970183) Attached to: Fixing Verizon's Supercookie
my attorney examined it, while exploitation was a possible angle, assigning a value to it for a civil suit was damned near impossible, or gave results that were only in the fraction of a penny zone per user. Making the whole suit process impractical even for a millions of users class action, unless you are able to find a "white night" attorney willing to take it on based on principal alone (EFF?), not likely.

Comment: Re:Report this to the FCC (Score 2) 111

by Bugler412 (#48942161) Attached to: Fixing Verizon's Supercookie
I've done the FCC complaint, FTC complaint, contacted a lawyer for possible civil action or even class action (not practical since you can't "prove" damage), contacted the FBI for a CFAA violation, all of it. No results at all. Voting with my wallet when the contract expires and using nothing but HTTPS and VPN otherwise until then.

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