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Comment Cheaper until they run into env regulations (Score 1) 96

It will be cheaper until the run smack into the environment regulations that limit how much you are allowed to heat a natural body of water. A data center won't be as bad as a power station using direct cycle cooling, but put enough of these "barge data centers" together in a single location, I presume they will congregate in areas of cheap power and high local bandwidth availability right? And you will hit the limits. Then you have to use much less efficient air to liquid or similar cooling towers anyway, along with the inherently higher costs of floating structures on high value waterfront property.

Comment They killed their own goose, not the blockers (Score 2) 519

If they hadn't created an environment where 50 ads per page (with 50 trackers) was commonplace, in your face popups and interstitials, being a malware vector, and just generally abusing their own users, perhaps it wouldn't have to come to this. They have only themselves to blame.

Comment Re:I call bullshit (Score 1) 676

They were classified retroactively because the government aws unaware of of them, because she was using a private system to conduct communications that should have been done on a government owned and controlled system. Regardless of the classification, she was doing government work on a private system, in direct violation of public records and data ownership rules, any "normal" person that did this would be at least fired from their job and perhaps face charges regardless of the contents of the communications.

Comment Re:What benefit to announcing it? (Score 1) 203

Don't focus on "flagship" or "reference devices" like Nexus or Galaxies. Think about the mid and low range Androids that make up the bulk of the market and look at the average length of support (in terms of software updates) for those devices. The high end devices tend to be actively supported for much longer than where the real middle of the belle curve market is at. Especially if the device is purchased late in the retail shelf life of the device. Perhaps a "rule" like: "full software update support available for 2 years from date of purchase" is required, perhaps to be imposed from above on carriers and OEMS?

In a five year period we can get one superb programming language. Only we can't control when the five year period will begin.