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Comment: It's not about open or closed source IMHO (Score 3, Interesting) 527

by Bugler412 (#46763385) Attached to: How Does Heartbleed Alter the 'Open Source Is Safer' Discussion?
I think that it's really not about open or closed source. It's about monoculture, the whole net is more resilient if we didn't do that. So many warned about that issue with the desktop/laptop running Windows, and that risk is there and real still, but while worrying about that we built it anyway in an a non-OS specific way on servers too

Comment: Dual Standards (Score 1) 322

I know that if I were to remove an antenna from a police cruiser that I would be in jail, quickly, likely bruised and beaten during the trip too. Why should it be different for the officers? Criminal vandalism charges, destruction of public property, obstruction, etc. etc. let the charges flow. Oh, wait, these are police, they're never (or at least very rarely) convicted of criminal charges for their actions, sorry for wasting your time....

Comment: Re:Simple Mode? (Score 1) 88

You know what would be nice? A good smarthphone remote interface for this, something simple, light, fast with low latency Wonder if it could be done with a EyeFi card? Hmm. Bigger screen would be nice. They have a USB PC interface, but it's cumbersome for field use. Beyond my coding skills for sure (sysadmin, not dev), anyone want to try that? I'm ducking as I say this, but I'm a Windows Phone type (Lumia 928, awesome camera that's not as ridiculous as the 1020)

Comment: Simple Mode? (Score 1) 88

I really like the feature list it brings to the table and have thought about trying it out with my T4i for a while now. One question that isn't clear though, is there a "simple mode" for those times that I just want to pick the camera up and just go shooting or recording with basic automatic settings? I know there are times that I would like/need the features that Magic Lantern exposes, but I also know that I would miss shots or video moments if I had to configure 14 settings every time I wanted to shoot something. Can a current ML user educate me here?

Comment: Specificity... (Score 2) 491

by Bugler412 (#46345419) Attached to: Do We Really Have a Shortage of STEM Workers?
I tend to believe that the problem is that using "STEM" as a definition is far too broad to have meaningful discussion. Many of the out of work STEM people are victims of changing technology or simply dumb luck in choosing a field that went dry when new tech appeared, studying the wrong tools or languages or techniques and not adapting to a market shift. The schools are partially to blame for sometimes teaching out of date material, also to blame would be the inevitable market overshoot of a "boom" field attracting more workers than it can absorb resulting in a glut of talent in that field for some period of time.

Comment: Why? (Score 4, Interesting) 2219

by Bugler412 (#46182835) Attached to: Slashdot Tries Something New; Audience Responds!
There's no ad impressions when we are sitting on a single page scrolling through the comments, that's why they don't appear to care about the comments, even though that is what drives traffic to the site. IT"S NOT ABOUT THE ARTICLES it's about the quality of the discussions and the mod system. Toss that and we could replace you with any of a thousand tech blog sites. STOP IT!

Comment: Re:Probably won't have much affect (Score 2) 138

Here's where we hit the next wall. Even if we completely purged every elected official from every level of government via the election process (damned near impossible since they have ballot access rigged in their favor too) then you hit the next level of the unelected all powerful bureaucracy that is the three letter agencies.

Comment: Re:And nothing will change ... (Score 4, Informative) 138

It's called "parallel construction", the three letter agency drops a clue to the more direct enforcement people about who to watch and where to look, then the direct enforcement types build a case that does not use the original evidence provided by the three letter agency. Denying you your due process rights since you cannot confront or dispute the original evidence that clued them in.

Comment: Re:The problem with Google Bus (Score 1) 692

by Bugler412 (#46041721) Attached to: Protesters Show Up At the Doorstep of Google Self-driving Car Engineer
So these busses pay no registration fees, licensing fees, fuel taxes, tolls, congestion charges or any of the myriad other government fees a large vehicle has to customarily pay? Load on the bus stops?! C'mon now. Extra people standing at a bus stop could hardly be considered "load" vs. the normal environmental, vandal, etc.wear and tear they are subjected to. This sounds an awful lot like a union city transit agency trying to stronger competition out of the market to me. Mug like what happens in every other union dominated city with a salary bloated, inefficient, hyper expensive city transit authority. In my own home city, nearly every large business, university, school district, retirement home, even community developers run their own bus system to key points of interest because the incumbent county transit authority system is too slow, too expensive, and has a route system that doesn't suit the needs. If a company finds it more efficient and cheaper to run their own transit system where one already exists, there is a REASON for that!

Comment: Re:Not cans (Score 1) 371

by Bugler412 (#45848269) Attached to: Coca-Cola Reserves a Massive Range of MAC Addresses
Yeah they made a bunch of dollar coins that were so similar in shape and size to the existing quarters that everyone hated them, difficult to identify by touch alone like in your pocket. The shape and size done largely at the behest of the vending machine business so they wouldn't have to re-engineer everything to accept a different sized coin. A dollar coin done right, not like this, would likely succeed. But they poisoned the water with their last two attempts in the pas thirty years at doing it.

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