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Comment Re:Microsoft.. (Score 1) 121

You are correct with the updates from MS (via Insider or Dev Preview), but that's not the same as the carrier releasing a fully supported version to non-techie customers in bulk. Outside of DEV preview/insider, Windows phone gets stuck in much the same updating situation as many Android phones due to OEM or carrier blockages. Witness how many formerly "flagship" Windows 8 phones, like the HTC models, that won't be receiving Windows 10 The large corporate customer (of Verizon) I work for actually had to threaten legalities over Verizon's holding back the Win8.1 denim update for Lumia 928's. The legal angle was that there were security updates included in the OS update, floated ideas of "negligence" for not releasing the update (which they suddenly did with no pre-announcement near Christmas, finally).

Comment Weak, old hat stuff... (Score 2) 50

In the robotics lab at the university I work at they have functional insect robots, both flying and walking, remote controllable or semi-autonomous, remote video/audio, self charging by landing on light fixtures and such, actual insect sized (not a 10CM "cockroach" jeez) as office toys. They are WAY beyond the stuff noted here by the Russians. Scary way beyond...

Comment Like "self regulating" industries (Score 5, Insightful) 46

Basically the justice department is reacting in much the same way as private corporations when threatened with a new stricter regulatory regime, they trot out symbolic but ineffective "self regulation" regimes that look good on the surface, but effectively change nothing. It's all a PR game to avoid real regulations that protects the constitutional rights of citizens.

Comment Cheaper until they run into env regulations (Score 1) 96

It will be cheaper until the run smack into the environment regulations that limit how much you are allowed to heat a natural body of water. A data center won't be as bad as a power station using direct cycle cooling, but put enough of these "barge data centers" together in a single location, I presume they will congregate in areas of cheap power and high local bandwidth availability right? And you will hit the limits. Then you have to use much less efficient air to liquid or similar cooling towers anyway, along with the inherently higher costs of floating structures on high value waterfront property.

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