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Comment Re:Not without storage (Score 1) 346

Nukes are only inherently more expensive when you change the design a couple thousand times during construction, after portions are already complete. A boiler plate design like we have available, like the limited numbers of near identical models that the military and the French commercial power reactors use, nearly eliminates that excess cost. You are seeing the result of custom one off designs, not inherent costs in the technology.

Comment Re:Not without storage (Score 1) 346

Currently operating commercial nukes based on 1950/60's technology and designed from the outset for base load generation don't load follow well, that is true. I think you would surprise the Navy with the statement that nukes don't vary output well, I personally took a naval reactor from 5% to 100% in less than a minute, Shutdown to 100% in less than 15 minutes, and back again multiple times per hour routinely. Bad blanket statement.

Comment Re:Studies have shown computers distract doctors (Score 1) 111

and if they don't record/chart their observations for the next health care professional to use, using the systems agreed upon by whatever health care establishment they are working at, then communications of sometimes VERY vital information fails and patients die, become injured or fail to get well. Blame the designers (or project managers, whatever) for poor systems, but "opting out" by the doctors is a poor solution to the problem.

Comment Re:Bit sensationlist (Score 1) 124

and if they had found and admitted their mistake quickly we wouldn't be talking about it. But instead it took months, repeated calls, a "research project" on the part of the customer, and insider contact from a tech publication site to get them to even look at the issue that turned out to be completely their fault. That's why we're talking about it.

Comment Re:How can we trust providers? (Score 3, Interesting) 124

It took them more than three months and required essentially a "research project" on the part of the customer combined with contact and assistance from a tech publication site to get them to "discover" the typo and admit it was their fault. What would I want? To not have to bludgeon tech and billing support people with data and connections to get a proper response.

Comment Re:What is "Remote Desktop Universal" (Score 1) 125

I likely won't use it much personally, but I definitely could see the feature having a role in presentations or demo's at a user/customer location without needing to carry a full laptop. Even remote work on call if tools (like remote desktop) were full available. It could also be handy when travelling, connected to a hotel TV as a screen for instance. All in the name of avoiding carrying a full laptop. But for me, since Win32/x86 apps can't run on the phone (yet, maybe Atom based "Surface Phone" one day?) , most of the tools for my work are unavailable, so Continuum for phone is mostly "geek curiosity" value for me.

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