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by Bucky24 (#46298607) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Do You To Tell Your Client That His "Expert" Is an Idiot?

Half of the huge threads on stories are about things that only very vaguely (if at all) have anything to do with the topic. 2 people get into an argument about something really fucking stupid like hosts files (hi APK) on an article about Fukushima, etc.

To be honest that's half the reason I even read the comments anymore. It can be quite interesting to see exactly HOW those discussions get so far off track.

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by Bucky24 (#45881125) Attached to: "Clinical Trials" For Programming Languages?
I work with a large number of programmers overseas in India who only know one language. Our UI team is made up of 2 guys who understand Javascript/CSS/HTML, 2 who understand PHP/MySQL, and one that understands both (but can't actually do either very well). And while I've observed it to be a terrible handicap to them a lot of the time, and I really wish they would find a new career, that seems to be the norm over there. So I guess if you only know one language you have good prospects in India.

+ - The Patent Problem Is Bigger Than Trolls

Submitted by Bob9113
Bob9113 (14996) writes "Ars Technica reports the following: "Canada-based telecom Nortel went bankrupt in 2009 and sold its biggest asset--a portfolio of more than 6,000 patents covering 4G wireless innovations and a range of technologies--at an auction in 2011. Google bid for the patents, but didn't get them. Instead, they went to a group of competitors--Microsoft, Apple, RIM, Ericsson, and Sony--operating under the name "Rockstar Bidco." The companies together bid the shocking sum of $4.5 billion. This afternoon, that stockpile was finally used for what pretty much everyone suspected it would be used for--launching an all-out patent attack on Google and Android. The smartphone patent wars have been underway for a few years now, and the eight lawsuits filed in federal court today by Rockstar Consortium mean that the conflict just hit DEFCON 1.""

+ - SPAM: DropX .

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Drawing cloud using touch as platform for DropX to get to Portal and to save Driplet from evil alien spaceships ."
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+ - Larry Page and Sergey Brin Are Lousy Coders

Submitted by theodp
theodp (442580) writes "Don't tell Business Insider's Nicholas Carlson about Santa and the Easter Bunny just yet. He's still reeling after learning that Larry Page and Sergy Brin are actually pretty lousy coders. That's according to I'm Feeling Lucky: The Confessions of Google Employee Number 59, a book about the company's startup days by Douglas Edwards. "I didn't trust Larry and Sergey as coders," Google engineering boss Craig Silverstein recalls in the book. "I had to deal with their legacy code from the Stanford days and it had a lot of problems. They're research coders: more interested in writing code that works than code that's maintainable." But don't cry for Larry and Sergey, Argentina — even if the pair won't be taking home any Top Coder prizes, they can at least take solace in their combined $50+ billion fortune. And, according to Woz, they certainly could have kicked Steve Jobs' butt in a coding contest!"

+ - Phone Calls More Dangerous Than Malware->

Submitted by dinscott
dinscott (1951608) writes "During Social Engineer Capture the Flag contest, one of the most prominent and popular annual events at DEF CON 21, a pool of 10 men and 10 women, from diverse backgrounds and experience levels, tested their social engineering abilities against 10 of the biggest global corporations, including Apple, Boeing, Exxon, General Dynamics and General Electric. The complete results of the competition are in, and they don't bode well for businesses."
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+ - SPAM: 5 Practical Tips for Ruby on Rails Developers

Submitted by Jay Dee
Jay Dee (2931271) writes "Ruby on Rails or RoR is an open source web app development framework written using Ruby programming language. It has been designed to specifically address agile development approach. It facilitates rapid web app development with re-usability of code. Ruby on Rails framework uses Model View Controller (MVC) development pattern to organize app files. This design pattern facilitates app developers to separate user interface from business logic. It also enables developers to work on separate modules of a project without affecting others work. It includes logic to make common development tasks easier. By following these conventions, programmers can avoid long configuration of files and devote more focus on the business logic."
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+ - SPAM: Business Communications Made Easy With Software Video Conferencing:

Submitted by seosrija
seosrija (2933303) writes "Video Conference is being the great platform for making the business communications more flexible and reliable. In the preceding years the choice for business communications was restricted for manual interactions, mobile interactions and online interactions through video calls. But all these mediums are proved to be in vain in the recent years, but all these mediums are proved to be in vain in the recent years.

International business most often makes video calls with various auxiliaries of their company which are located in various corners of the world. Perhaps making international call is always an expensive asset for the organizations. In order to get rid of the high expenses hat are incurred for business meetings and routine operational communications, most of the organizations are switching to adopt the software based video communication.

Before the era of video conferencing software the business meetings were just restricted to the boardroom (Hardware Video Conference), restricting all the business officials to gather in the room at the specified time. This solution also requires huge equipment and the assistance of the technical support.

In the fast business world, affording the huge equipment and conducting the meetings within the boardroom and within the restricted time frame is not a flexible way of performing the business operations. The advent of the software based video collaboration technology made businesses to find an effective path for making important conversations more flexibly by being anywhere around the world and at any time, without bearing high expenses.

Most of the software conferencing technologies are now coming with, inbuilt interactive features such as integrated digital whiteboard, desktop sharing, application sharing, co-browsing etc. Through all these features the conference members can perform high end business meetings, where the conference members can even share files and important documents by being within the conference and by making use of the same solution.

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is the most advantageous feature in Video Conferencing which enables the businesses to make international calls at a very affordable price. The H.323 gateway embedded in the solution will let the organizations to flexibly arrange a conference with the peers who are making use of the hardware based solution. Through this feature the businesses can connect to any of the video conferencing devices instantaneously without any prior arrangements. Unlike hardware solution the software solution consumes very low bandwidth, leaving the organizations to save a huge on internet expenses.

Through the above exemplifications it can be noticeably stated that the software based video communication is the best operational tools for the organizations for both internal and external communications."

+ - How Texas Lost the World's Largest Super Collider->

Submitted by quantr
quantr (1722336) writes "The international operation of CERN marked a monumental success in this respect. To prove the existence of the Higgs boson, which has been contentiously described as the “God particle,” required $9 billion, ten years of study, thousands of careers, and a seventeen-mile collider ring which bores out of the earth on the Franco-Swiss border. At fourteen Terraelectron volts (TeV), it is the most energetic super collider ever built, and also one of the largest, most complex scientific experiments in history. Many have called it a modern-day cathedral.
And it should have been built in Texas.
Five-thousand miles southwest of Geneva, just outside Waxahachie, Texas, are the remnants of a super collider whose energy and circumference—true to American sensibility—would have dwarfed those of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. Nobody doubts that the 40 TeV Superconducting Super Collider (SSC) in Texas would have discovered the Higgs boson a decade before CERN. The collider’s tunnel would have entrenched Waxahachie in a topographical oval that curved east before the southern Dallas County line, then running southwest under Bardwell Lake and curving north at Onion Creek. Since Congress canceled the project twenty years ago, on October 21, 1993, Waxahachie has witnessed the bizarre and disquieting history of its failure."

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+ - Does missing iPhone 5s fingerprint data pose security threat?->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes ""If my iPhone 5s fingerprint data is walled off from the rest of A7 chip and the rest of iOS 7 in a 'Secure Enclave' and is never accessed by iOS or other apps, as Apple claims, then how come it all vanished when my iPhone crashed and I had to go through the entire fingerprint scan registration process again? Apple is remaining very quiet about it...""
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+ - Syrian Hackers Claim Twitter And Facebook Accounts Of Obama->

Submitted by madison andrew
madison andrew (3378861) writes "Syrian Electronic Army, the hacker group of Syria that supports the Assad regime has undertaken responsibility for hacking the link of Obama’s campaign on Monday. The group said that it redirected the shortened service links of Twitter and Facebook accounts of the President to one among the propaganda videos of the group. This admission from the Syrian group arrives just a day before Obama hosts a discussion about cyber security with top notch CEOs who belong to various sectors such as Information Technology, defenseand energy."
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