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Comment Re:Author Doesn't Understand mining (Score 1) 215 215

If I spent $700 on an electric car, I'd be much more comfortable replacing it after 2 years (especially if it's more the case that I spent $100 on the car, along with a 2 year contract that provided me with electricity for said car) when a newer model was out.

Comment Re:If you wanted us to believe your Op-Ed... (Score 1) 547 547

You can't see what character whitespace actually is ... is that 8 spaces or a tab? Which means when your program suddenly won't compile, or is doing strange things, you have to spend extra effort to figure out WTF specific piece of invisible whitespace is the problem.

The very first time I used Python this exact thing happened to me. Transferred a largeish script from school computer (which used tabs) to my own IDE (which used spaces). It took me forever to even realize what was wrong. I still use Python from time to time, but I wouldn't use it for anything large that requires multiple people.

Comment Re:Fired for Trolling (Score 1) 382 382

That is an interesting point about kids though. Now, I've observed some very well behaved kids walking through the various office-spaces I've worked in. No problem there. I've also observed some who are just horrible little monsters. I'd say that if your child is well behaved and is not going to make me uncomfortable or distract me simply by existing, I have no problem with it being there. Why shouldn't the same thing apply to dogs? If your dog is well behaved and doesn't shed or drool over everything, then I've got no problem having them in the office. Hell some people even call their dogs their "kids", and if you look at it, there really is very little objective difference, isn't there?

Comment Re:Very subjective (Score 1) 382 382

I've met people that still believe that argument. They didn't particularly appear crazy either, just ignorant (given the area I was in, they may not have ever had anyone tell them otherwise). But they are dwindling, probably because people started using said argument as an example for "how crazy religious people are".

Comment Re:Fractal rant makes about six good points (Score 1) 536 536

Regarding your code example, you can always write it as

if ("".equals(firstName))

because you never have to worry about "" being null (and if firstName is null, the equals returns false). I used to do it the same way as you before someone pointed this out to me.

Comment Re:You Don't (Score 1) 384 384

Half of the huge threads on stories are about things that only very vaguely (if at all) have anything to do with the topic. 2 people get into an argument about something really fucking stupid like hosts files (hi APK) on an article about Fukushima, etc.

To be honest that's half the reason I even read the comments anymore. It can be quite interesting to see exactly HOW those discussions get so far off track.

Comment Re:Use the Best Tool for the Job (Score 1) 232 232

I work with a large number of programmers overseas in India who only know one language. Our UI team is made up of 2 guys who understand Javascript/CSS/HTML, 2 who understand PHP/MySQL, and one that understands both (but can't actually do either very well). And while I've observed it to be a terrible handicap to them a lot of the time, and I really wish they would find a new career, that seems to be the norm over there. So I guess if you only know one language you have good prospects in India.

Submission + - The Patent Problem Is Bigger Than Trolls

Bob9113 writes: Ars Technica reports the following: "Canada-based telecom Nortel went bankrupt in 2009 and sold its biggest asset--a portfolio of more than 6,000 patents covering 4G wireless innovations and a range of technologies--at an auction in 2011. Google bid for the patents, but didn't get them. Instead, they went to a group of competitors--Microsoft, Apple, RIM, Ericsson, and Sony--operating under the name "Rockstar Bidco." The companies together bid the shocking sum of $4.5 billion. This afternoon, that stockpile was finally used for what pretty much everyone suspected it would be used for--launching an all-out patent attack on Google and Android. The smartphone patent wars have been underway for a few years now, and the eight lawsuits filed in federal court today by Rockstar Consortium mean that the conflict just hit DEFCON 1."

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