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Comment Re: The farther left you go, the more you lose (Score 0) 284

Not wanting to fill out an intrusive form like this for no good reason, divulging personal history and other sensitive information to the government, does not make you a "paranoid conservative". It is the prudent thing to do. Setting aside the fear of the government having such information on you; how much do you trust their information security? The census information would be a treasure trove for social engineers. Rather than saying "paranoid conservatives", you should say "people who aren't fucking idiots and weren't born yesterday". Political affiliation has nothing to do with desiring privacy.

Comment Re:Absence?! (Score 1) 595

NAT has no security benefits.

Just because that is repeated ad-nauseam doesn't make it true.

Of course NAT has security benefits: It acts basically as a "one-way" firewall, which is exactly what most people that don't run a server at home need.

Of course you could configure a IPv6-firewall the same way, but that would take several days and who has time for that?

NAT IS NOT A FIREWALL IN ANY SENSE OF THE TERM. Also, why is anyone bothering to debate v4 vs v6 with people who think that NAT is a firewall, and that you have to "call AT&T and request IPv6"?

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