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Comment: Re:New Technology? (Score 1) 504

by Bu11etmagnet (#34371886) Attached to: How Apple Had a Spectacular Year
No, no, no. Apple is a hardware company. That's where their money comes from. They have the highest profit return in the entire computer industry. They make software to lure people into buying Apple hardware. Think about BootCamp. Apple has no problem whatsoever if people run Microsoft software on Apple hardware. What they fought tooth and nail to prevent is people running Apple software (OS X) on non-Apple hardware.

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by Bu11etmagnet (#33225394) Attached to: Obama Wants Allies To Go After WikiLeaks

Wilson - Democrat - WW1
FDR - Democrat - WW2 (FDR went even further than most, he had the US Navy attacking German warships months before war was declared by Germany or authorized by the Congress)
Truman - Democrat - Korea
JFK/LBJ - Democrats - Vietnam
And those are just the major wars.

Jimmy Carter was the only Democrat president who didn't start a war. He wasn't re-elected.
-- Joseph Heller, Good as Gold

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I am, however, a bit disillusioned about free speech now. As far as I can tell, there isn't any. It's a lie.

Wrong. Your wife wasn't shot, fired from her work, sent to prison, put into house arrest, forced to exile. She just had to supprort the consequences of her actions. You ought to be familiar with that concept.

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