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Comment: Re:Side-by-side - what will SP1 fix? (Score 1) 344

by BtRB_Ver2 (#30755530) Attached to: What To Expect From Windows 7 SP1

I suppose this is probably feeding a troll, but I'll bite never the less.

Your experience does not at all match mine.

My performance has been flawless, Phenom II booting in 30 seconds, instant on from standby.

Yes, companies haven't been adapting old drivers to 64-bit, but that beats the hit/miss Linux driver support. And at least you can count on your wireless working. My Mandriva 2010 Free install has decided to stop connecting to certain networks. And it never automatically reconnects when resuming from sleep- despite a check box telling it to do otherwise.

So, YMMV I suppose, but it's really not as bad as all that.

Torque is cheap.