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Comment Use binoculars! (Score 1) 179 179

Close the drapes. Because it's perfectly legal for that pervert across the street to use binoculars. He just can't trespass. But cops can, correct? wtf I can't keep up with all this.

If I smoke weed (or don't & they just claim they smell it) cops can break down my door.

If they view what they think might be something illegal though your windows, they can break down my door.

If someone on my open wifi does something that might be considered illegal, they can break down my door.

So basically I can just assume that cops can break down my door at any time.

Has it really ever been different?

Comment All new product development (Score 1) 336 336

Crunch time comes with most (pretty much all to some degree) companies I've worked for with all new products. As a design engineer, I've seen it since the late 90s. Now days they are applying it to everything, by using unreasonable, arbitrary deadlines on all projects (cost-outs, sustaining, etc..). Exempt employee = lots of unpaid OT.

Comment Minimum wage is the base rate (Score 1) 1094 1094

Minimum wage is the base rate for for most workers. If the minimum is 16K a year, entry level for skilled labor is 20-22K, 2 year 25K, 4 year, under 30K. My employer has been starting Bachelor Degree'd fresh outa college at 27K. If the minimum was 20-25K, they would have to pay college graduates better. The money is certainly there, we are making record sales & record profits.

Why have wages been flat for so long now? Holding the min wage down is part of the reason. The money is certainly there. Everyone deserves a cut.

Comment Most mobile sites suck (Score 2) 356 356

IMO, most mobile sites suck. They are more difficult to navigate & are many times missing required features. Watching my wife & son use an Ipad to try & order a phone on Verizon was painful. I logged Verizon on with my Surface & plugged in a mouse & a few clicks later the phone was ordered. That is just one example. With my phone, I try to request the desktop site but quite often I don't get it.

Side note: Verizon sucks but my company gets a huge discount. And my wife still loves her Ipad, & I still like my Surface Pro.

Comment Surprised they called to cancel (Score 1) 536 536

As someone who had Comcast call to cancel on the day of my closing (two days before my scheduled install) because they didn't offer service to my house after all, I can sympathize.

They called you to cancel? You mean you close on the house, take a day off work to meet the installer? You didn't sit there for half a day waiting for them while CS rep claims they can't escalate until after the 4 hour appointment window? Then they say they have no idea why the installer did not show, can you hold please, then your disconnected after 20 mins on hold... fuck me I've been through this way too many times.

Comment Re:The H1B mills will put a stop to this (Score 1) 233 233

My experience is the same. H1Bs are pretty much just like American engineers, good & bad. One guy I worked with was really good but I couldn't understand a thing he said. Another spoke great English but couldn't do anything without being micromanaged.

I used to teach a CAD class at a local community college & what I learned was people are the same no matter where on this planet they are from.

Comment Re:So? It's a good corporate move. (Score 1) 107 107

My experiences are slightly different. I use Google out of habit. But looking for a torrent download, Bing seems to be better. So much better that when I can't seem to grab something I want to watch through normal channels (On Demand, Netflix, Hulu Etc.), I go straight to Bing to find the torrent. Maps seem better also. All my own opinion of course!

Comment Re:Oh just stop already (Score 4, Funny) 201 201

It depends - is it the sound of Beiber choking to death on a ham sandwich? (RIP Mama Cass, yes, I know the ham sandwich is an urban legend, but the media never let the facts get in the way of a good story :-)

If Mama Cass has just split that sandwich with Karen Carpenter, they both could be alive today.

Comment Re:Not good enough (Score 1) 225 225

Remember ElfBowling.exe?! It was one of those .exe's that all IT people just love their users executing. Yes this was a really long time ago & we were all having fun with it until that email came that said it was a VIRUS & would CRASH YOUR HARD DRIVE on XMAS DAY! I replied, with links & even the number to the software dev that made the game. Of course they had a message right off about the hoax when you called.

Even after all the proof that the game was harmless I overheard someone warning someone else to that it was a virus. I confronted him & he said "you don't know for sure it's not a virus". My point is, the people that post, send, promote these stupid hoaxes don't care if they are true or not. They believe & that is all that matters to them.

Side note, sanity prevailed & we removed all those cool little games. They were fun while they lasted. Snowcraft.exe! I've played that one (at home) not all that long ago. We had to stop playing Quake 2 during lunch around that same time.

Comment Re:dark chocolate hazelnut truffles (Score 1) 224 224

Is there any question of chocolate's benefits? I mean, really?

Jesus wept. Chocolate has been one of mankind's go-to pantydroppers for centuries. Some guys get beer goggles, I get chocolate goggles. Three truffles with >72% cocoa content and I'm yours for the asking.

True. But you make it sound like centuries are a long time.

Comment Re:surprise, surprise, surprise (Score 1) 224 224

How do you explain vegetables? They're good for you, but taste terrible.

Some actually like the taste of vegetables. However, you actually make a great point here. 10,000 years ago like bears, people ate mostly grubs, edible plants/fruits (nasty compared to what we get today). We lived on that crap & when lucky we got meat/honey to fatten us up to prepare for when there was little to nothing to gather. What we lived on as staples might be good for us but what really tastes great fattens us up to survive the winter.

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