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Comment It's a real pain in the ass (Score 2) 138

It's a real pain in the ass when a data breach allows credit card fraud to occur. Anyone who's had it happen to them know that. So the credit card company doesn't make you pay (oh, they don't eat it, ever, they don't pay the vendor), that's great. But you still have to catch the fraudulent charges (in time), call, make a claim, change your account number, remember all the subscribed accounts that use that number (netflix etc...), wait & see, worry.

But the company that can't keep their shit secure has no liability.

Comment Re:Oh noes (Score 1) 165

You are remembering a past that did not exist. WM phones' hardware was shit. I mean, you're completely glossing over the period where WM devices didn't even have nonvolatile storage, aside from space for the OS! Palm never went through that. Nor did the other "smart" phones of the day. That was unique to WinCE of the day. "Sure, we can do it without flash!" No, no you can't, Microsoft. Not when an OS crash can destroy all your files. What a festering piece of shit.

True, but they did bury Palm. A friend of mine invested some money & developed programs for CE & did OK for a while. All the time he was bitching about how the MS dev forums were begging for more innovation with the platform. All the ideas & suggestions were ignored, CE was left to rot due to complacency.

Comment Re:good. (Score 1) 139

No. Clinton ordered the banks to be more willing to write mortgages on STARTER HOMES for first time buyers who couldn't afford large down payments and had less than stellar credit (but not terroble).

In 2000 I got my first mortgage. I had to go FHA because I did not have a large enough down payment. No way would I have gotten the loan without STELLAR CREDIT. All FHA was doing was allowing zero down (which still cost about 6K in costs) but no way did they allow bad credit buyers. That didn't really get off the ground until 2004, thanks George W "A Home of Your Own" Bush.

Comment Re:good. (Score 1) 139

Where are my mod points when I need them? Fucking piece-of-shit "nation of whiners" Phil Fucking Gramm is still out there working for UBS AG writing editorials for the WSJ about how we can fuck up everything even more if we just vote for republicans.

If Phil Gramm recommends it, I know to do the opposite.

Comment Re: For someone who represents the people (Score 1) 352

Government gave a cheaper , faster solution? How could that happen? As a rule of thumb, if government can do anything much cheaper than Corporations, that tends to prove the Corporations are gouging or just plain doing it wrong.

Or the private corporations are not doing anything at all that that market.

Actually I work for a Fortune 500 & they make such wacky decisions they make government look good. I really don't know how they get away with it, but then I don't hold any of their stock.

Comment Lightsabers are dangerous (Score 1) 400

After seeing the movie for the first time after 20 some years, Obiwan letting Luke fire up his father's lightsaber kina bothered me a little. Holy crap, he's waving this thing around IN THE HOUSE! I got a 17 year old & there is no way he is playing with a lightsaber in the house. TAKE IT OUTSIDE & make damn sure the dog is inside!

My wife would be like "NO WAY is he playing with that thing", you take it back to the store right now!"

Dammit I must be officially old now.

Comment 3D printed guns are not a problem... (Score 1) 313

...for now. I've yet to hear about a 3D printed gun that I would think was safe to be in the vicinity of when it was fired. Simple homemade zip guns are safer. I suppose a machined plastic composite (John Malcovich!) is effective & might slip through a metal detector (not sure how you get the ammo through) but we sure haven't heard much about them.

As the technology progresses this will likely change. But right now the high end 3D printer I have access to in my R&D lab couldn't create a decent, safe to use firearm. It could print out something that looks really cool & would freak people out!

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