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Comment: Re:So she can do to the US... (Score 1) 289

by serviscope_minor (#49368913) Attached to: Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina Near Launching Presidential Bid

I'm a rabid left-wing radical, and apparently a fiscal conservative as well.

This is why I can't stand the fake left-right divide, it's trying to project a high dimensional thing down onto a one dimensional space and it's just too coarse.

Furtunately some people are taking a stand against it. For the UK bigots/xenophobes tended to the conservatives so it was always seen as a right wing thing. Now we have the UKIP which is the bigot's leftie party.

While I jest, I'm seriously hoping we end up with a multiparty government. We've already got 4 (juuuuuust---though the Green's one MP barely counts), but more parties is a better opportunity to represent the political spectrum. It's likely we might end up with Consrevative, Labour, Lib Dem, Green, UKIP and SNP this time round, which will be historic.

A Libertarian wants a government that doesn't defend rights, but defends contracts.

Depends which libertarian. The internet is infested with internet-libertarians who think all govenment==evil, and you should enforce contracts via a private army.

Comment: Re:Simplr math ... (Score 1) 289

by serviscope_minor (#49368881) Attached to: Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina Near Launching Presidential Bid

You come off like misogynist assholes to regular people if you try.

Her gender has nothing to do with it: the mental obsession with outsourcing, offshoring, mergers and splits is what caused the problem. This is a non gender specific disease which has infected a large number of professional CEOs.

Comment: Re:When every citizen is a potential terrorist... (Score 2) 60

by Zocalo (#49368747) Attached to: Europol Chief Warns About Computer Encryption
I suspect that's actually the underlying problem for the security & intelligence services. It's not so much the fact that regular citizens are starting to use encryption that they have a problem with so much as through the use of encryption by default they're losing the ability to find the more interesting chatter by simply looking for people that are even using encryption in the first place. When your entire haystack is made out of needles, finding the few you are actually interested in becomes that many orders of magnitude harder.

Well, screw that. What they are basically saying is "make our jobs easier for us", but what they are failing to point out is that by doing so they are also leaving people exposed to everyone else that might want to eavesdrop on random communications, and in particular all those people/organizations/countries that they are meant to be securing each other against. If *you* have access to it, then so do your opponents - so the real question, and the one that really needs to be addressed, is which is the lesser of the two evils - having your nation secure from outsiders, or making the job of securing your nation against internal threats slightly easier? Given the complete failure of the security & intelligence services to demonstrate they can achieve the latter even before encryption become a big issue I'd say that's a complete no brainer.

Comment: Re:Let's see (Score 1) 273

by amiga3D (#49368229) Attached to: Experts: Aim of 2 Degrees Climate Goal Insufficient

The problem with global warming is there's really no easy solution. By easy I mean feasible one. Barring a major technological solution it's just going to get warmer and the sea level will rise. Life will go on but it'll sure be a lot different. Maybe someone will come up with a core tap for energy or something like that.

Comment: Re:When did validation actually help anyone? (Score 1) 154

Sadly, no. While MP4 has effectively won the battle to be the de facto standard video format, support for it still isn't completely universal and probably never will be until the patent issues are irrelevant. And of course there are numerous different variations that all typically end in .mp4 so you're also stuck with either inefficient encoding for widest possible support or smaller files but limited range.

As for controls, I have lost track of how many times even the same browser has changed its controls within the past 2 years. There is basically no standardisation across browsers at all. It doesn't matter much if you're building YouTube or Vimeo, when it's obvious which parts of the page are videos. However, if you want to integrate video content into a more general page the same way you'd use an image, having no idea whether your visitors will even get any indication that it actually is a video, or where that indication will be if so, makes it absurdly difficult to present the content well across browsers without going 100% custom controls and ignoring the built-in browser ones entirely (which then runs into numerous JS bugs, causing problems of their own).

Comment: Re:Tax (Score 1) 273

by amiga3D (#49367953) Attached to: Experts: Aim of 2 Degrees Climate Goal Insufficient

The repercussions of burning oil and coal are long term. Taxing people until they rebel will be much shorter and the repercussions bloody. Go ahead, triple the cost of electricity. I dare you. Make gasoline 8 dollars a gallon. Global warming will be the least of your problems. You'll need all those police drones and SWAT teams. Gulags here we come.

Comment: Re:Let's see (Score 1) 273

by amiga3D (#49367943) Attached to: Experts: Aim of 2 Degrees Climate Goal Insufficient

I got the feeling he was speaking hypothetically but maybe not. In any case I just repeated what the IPCC had to say on the matter. I've seen one map showing a 300 foot rise in water level but I don't think anyone envisions that happening in the next decade or two. To rise 200-300 feet would require all of the world's ice to melt and that would certainly be a drastic change. 2.6 feet is bad enough and will cause a tremendous amount of problems. I differ with the global warming bunch in what can be done about it. I say nothing can be done to stop it. It's a result of billions of humans living on the planet and their activities and industry. Short of ridding the world of the majority of those people global warming will continue to climb. The changes required to actually do anything to stop the continued rise in warming are too much for people to accept. Too many sacrifices are required and getting most people to commit to that level of drop in lifestyle is impossible. Then we have emerging nations that want their day of prosperity as well. Perhaps technology can save us in the future but somehow I doubt that.

Comment: Re:Let's see (Score 1) 273

by amiga3D (#49367053) Attached to: Experts: Aim of 2 Degrees Climate Goal Insufficient

The IPCC has stated that sea level rise this century will likely be in the neighborhood of 2.6 feet or less but that extreme conditions could cause as much as a 6.5 foot rise in sea levels over the next hundred years. Maybe you are referring to Al Gore's propaganda where he stated a bunch of US cities could soon be underwater in the near future. You must remember Al Gore is a politician and as such, if his lips move, he's lying.

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