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Comment: Re:Kinda similar ... (Score 1) 189 189

Plus the faster print speed, lower power usage, faster warm-up, and finer print quality. And new features sometimes.

Plus, the AC and the guy who replied to him are both wrong re: Brother. The starter carts are full, just missing the reset gear. When the printer says the cart is empty, pick up a reset gear on Amazon for $2 and install it, you'll get "new" cartridge life out of it.

Comment: Re:Google It (Score 1) 189 189

Brother models either include a chip with a serial number (the counting is done in the printer and can be reset with a series of button presses) or a mechanical device (missing from the starter cartridge; the printer relies on an internal page count if the device is missing) that can be reset by removing 3 screws, resetting it, and re-installing the screws. You can also buy the reset gear on Amazon for most of their cartridges and put one on the starter cartridge (which *is* a full cartridge, by the way, just missing the gear). They don't really do anything to prevent refilling ot hinder the 3rd-party market at all, as far as I can tell; all of their cut-off devices are so easy to reset that they're very clearly there to legitimately preserve print quality (as every printer manufacturer claims with their fingers crossed), with the sole exception being the starter cartridges missing the reset gear, but even that can be bought.

Comment: Re:Why now and not at release time. (Score 1, Troll) 193 193

Indeed, had they stated this at release time I'd have bought one at release time. Instead, I made plans to eventually purchase a PS4 and pre-ordered several collectors edition games (a few of which I've already gotten) for my eventual PS4, so now I'm committed to that purchase. The plan is to put the PS4 downstairs and let my wife move the PS3 to her office; were I getting an XBox One, she could have moved both current consoles to her office. So now, since Microsoft had to be dicks about this, we all lose; they lose sales, I lost the ability to play all of my games on one system, and my wife loses one of the consoles that could have ended up in her office.

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