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Comment Re:Maybe someday (Score 2) 98

You must have missed the point that flash chips, used in this application, can never be secure. It is precisely due to the use of flash chips that this exploit is even possible; can't overwrite a ROM. At the very least, there needs to be a physical switch that enables writing, and the system should refuse to boot into anything but the firmware update screen if that switch is in the "write" position. Better yet, have the switch only function to set the value of a gate and latch that value so that toggling the switch with the system powered up does nothing. The gate's only input would be the switch and it would only read on power-up. Then, the user doesn't even have the option of accidentally enabling write mode once the system is booted, which would protect against exploits such as this, even in cases where the user flips the switch after booting.

Doesn't protect against someone with physical access, but it does change the game to require the attacker, and not just the attacking device, to have physical access or, at the very least, convince the user that there is a firmware update so they're likely to boot into write mode. Of course, write mode could disable all ports except for one USB port and only support USB disk devices on that port.

That wouldn't be perfectly secure, of course, but it'd sure be more effort than mailing your victim a new ROM chip in official looking packaging with instructions printed on forged letterhead. Yes, that's right, even the physical socketed chip solution isn't secure if you think outside the box.

Comment Long distance since the 80's, anyone? (Score 3, Insightful) 123

So, AT&T long distance service hasn't been a telecommunications service but, instead, an information service since the 1980's because computers? Go ahead, AT&T, back this argument, retroactively lose common carrier status for your long distance network from the moment you computerized it, and for your POTS network from the moment you merged with the mini-Bells. I wonder how many of the felonies that were committed while utilizing your network are still within their statute of limitations...

Comment Re: Doesn't help criminals (Score 1) 304

My trick is that I've learned to simply not give a fuck. Seriously, that's all there is go it. And I mean genuinely just don't care about anything but the moment you're in. When I'm working, all I care about, all I pay attention to, is my work. When I'm dealing with finances, they're the only thing in the world. When I play, nothing else exists. You'd think my wife would get annoyed with that, but, well... The same values to her and that more than makes up for the other times.

Of course, I'm not ALWAYS so focused; most of the time I spread my attention like everyone else, and I can be startled my focused state, but having the ability to just let every other concern in the world fall away has proven invaluable. I find that my work (application development) gets done better and faster, my finances are handled without error, and I even do better at games and useless stuff when I'm in that state.

Comment Re:Is he in the right? (Score 1) 1180

Indeed, but let's be realistic, these craft can't reach that altitude. If the "pilot" isn't being a douche and hanging around your property or buzzing your head, don't be a douche and shoot down his drone. Let him pass over and expect to see him again on his return pass. Of course, if he's making laps around your property or repeatedly passing over, take whatever action is necessary to stop him, starting with trying to locate him and asking him to stop and escalating from there as necessary. But if that drone is being a nuisance by hovering over your property or getting dangerously close to you, by all means, take it out.

Comment Re:Right to Privacy in One's Backyard? (Score 1) 1180

You wouldn't be too happy if your neighbors installed cell phone jammers to protect themselves from phones' dangerous EM radiation, would you?

I wouldn't be happy because my phone wouldn't work near the jammers, but I'd be delighted in knowing how jammers actually work. I'd probably knock on their door, greet them with a smile, shake their hands, maybe even brink a cake, pan of brownies, plate of cookies, or fruit basket, and say something along the lines of "Way to amplify the problem you're trying to prevent, dumbasses."

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