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Comment Hunters and Fishers (Score 1) 162 162

Can someone explain what is so Objectionable about the Hunters and Fishers party that it needed to be grouped with an obviously racist white nationalist organization? I'm not really finding any thing all that objectionable about the hunters and fishers.

Comment Re:Boom (Score 1) 814 814

That "Anti-Gun Propaganda" was being spewed by a gun owner and a CWL holder. Nothing about that video was anti gun. That video was anti POS "lockable storage containers" which are passed off a "safes". And the lock on that 92FS could be quickly and easily removed without much effort. That could be picked easily or removed with bolt cutters.

Comment Re:Smart guns... (Score 5, Insightful) 814 814

Attempting to shoot someone in the foot is stupid and dangerous. Extremities are very small and difficult to hit and shooting at possibly hard ground can cause a ricochet which would put others in danger. If you are shooting at a person, you shoot for center of mass. If the situation doesn't require lethal force, you shouldn't bring a weapon into the situation.

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