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Comment "It seems the trick is to use a pulse..." (Score 4, Funny) 164 164

"It seems the trick is to use a pulse to glitch the hypervisor while it's unmapping memory, leaving a favorable page table entry" Well shit, when you put it like that it's a wonder this thing wasn't cracked by a kindergartner two and a half years ago. :)

Comment Her own tissue? (Score 1) 582 582

where does an 18-year old get samples of her own intestinal tissue? When I was in biology in high school, we were content to stop at looking up a frog's ass in the name of science. Something is fishy about this story. Crohn's Disease isn't a rare malady. It's easily diagnosed by any doctor that specializes in digestive disorders. It seems weird to me that it couldn't be identified by a qualified doctor but an 18 year old could figure it out based on what she saw under a microscope in science class...

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