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The Internet

+ - New international SNS Website is now online!->

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macoi writes: "Have you heard that is online and is now fully operational? Yup, lots and lots of people around the world are now subscribing and now enjoying every features that this website has. It has many languages you can choose from, you can create your own commmunity or post your daily diary here, It's user-friendly and easy to use. And right now they're having these photo contest which is open to every users, like the "prettiest woman alive", "the cutest pet", and "the most handsome man" so register now and submit your picture. Who knows, one of those title might be yours. for more information you can check out their website at It's gonna be fun.. see you there!"
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Usability in the Movies -- Top 10 Bloopers 382

Posted by Zonk
from the toomanysecrets dept.
Ant writes "A article talks about user interfaces (UIs) in film that are more exciting than they are realistic, and heroes have far too easy a time using foreign systems. The way Hollywood depicts usability could fill many a blooper reel. Here are 10 of the most egregious mistakes made by moviemakers. From the article: '3. The 3D UI - In Minority Report, the characters operate a complex information space by gesturing wildly in the space in front of their screens. As Tog found when filming Starfire, it's very tiring to keep your arms in the air while using a computer. Gestures do have their place, but not as the primary user interface for office systems.'"

YouTube's Plans for a Google-Owned Future 102

Posted by Zonk
from the here's-hoping-for-the-deal dept.
eldavojohn writes "Reuters is reporting on Time Warner's approach to YouTube's copyright problems. There has been much speculation that Google will be sued immediately over copyrighted material on YouTube but this is a case of Time Warner actually approaching Google to work out a deal on this issue. It appears artists and labels will have the choice when digging into Google's pockets either through a business deal or lawsuit. Which will they pick?" Meanwhile, the AP is reporting on the possible development of a technology to automatically screen content as it is posted to YouTube, which may sidestep some of these issues and disappoint users.
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Journal: War is Peace

Journal by BrodeCo
The Commander-in-Chief read his buzzword-sprinkled State of the Union speech somewhat adequately last night, as you may remember.
I eased the pain by chatting on The Independent Media Center IRC, making MST3K-like comments throughout. It was nicely cathartic.

Hope this one makes it into some history books, or at least a few amusing protest signs:
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Journal: Diane, 6:47 Ante Meridian

Journal by BrodeCo
In bed, awake too early. Nervous about my little job interview with PCC today. Life is rather silly at times. Fell asleep last night after we got home, and we didn't even get the chance to watch pirated Twin Peaks episodes which were mysteriously downloaded by the gnomes of zurich last night, as they utilized Kazaa. I was so excited to watch the stuff all last night, but sleepy feelings get the best of us all.
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Journal: Hey Bulldog

Journal by BrodeCo

I'm sitting in a vat of self-drugged Rhesus monkeys. Each more alike than the last. We are all covered with fleas, scratching and pawing at one another, and tribes begin to form. Over the years, our tribes spread further and further out-- we get better and better at killing one another, and slowly stand upright. My friends' heads seem to be bulging with the passing centuries.

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Journal: On Hacking Kazaa

Journal by BrodeCo

It's just barely hacking, but there's a great free program I blindly downloaded and installed after a particularily productive Google search (Sparky at my side, I felt like a true Ubergeek for one brief, shining moment [we use Kazaa to get old episodes of Twin Peaks])

Here's the URL, Chief:

There are just 4 simple buttons/options:

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Journal: Crtl-V (written yesterday, Eric Blair's birthday 2003)

Journal by BrodeCo

Random thoughts from meatspace, the real world, where I have my laptop
handy, but no wired vibes from cyberspace.

Is that Mondo 2000 enough for you?

So, I'm at or around or else I'm drifting toward,
away from, .

Thoughts of deep importance:


Whether you know it or not, we all work for BrodeCo.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal: Explaining Slashdot to My Girlfriend

Journal by BrodeCo
On an amusing note: last night after we saw Die Another Day (don't bother, it will be on cable eventually), I got off on some damn fool rant about the Transmetropolitan movie which me & Radagast might eventually write... anyhow, I said something about Slashdot... then I had a culture shock for about 30 minutes. Sylvia has never visited /. and she had no idea what I was blathering on about. Same planet, different worlds.

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