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Comment Re:Uhmmmm (Score 1) 619 619

Enterprise Maintenance Systems are something of a domain for me. All right, it's my primary domain. Those old maintenance systems are easily replaced, save the people-factor. The FAA signoffs for newer EAM replacements are a lot easier than internal quality units will admit. Again, it's a people issue, not a technology issue.

Submission + - James Bond-inspired LASER WATCH will burn through objects from a distance ->

An anonymous reader writes: The 1,500-milliwatt laser in this thing is powerful enough to pop a balloon or even light a candle.

Because the laser is so powerful, the battery on the watch will only last between 5 and 10 minutes. But that’s 5 minutes of awesome laser arson.

Which has got to be better than being able to read your emails or check stock reports on a tiny screen. Sorry, Apple.

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Submission + - Harvard Scientists Say It's Time to Start Thinking About Engineering the Climate

merbs writes: Harvard has long been home to one of the fiercest advocates for climate engineering. This week, Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences published a research announcement headlined “Adjusting Earth’s Thermostat, With Caution.” That might read as oxymoronic—intentionally altering the planet’s climate has rarely been considered a cautious enterprise—but it fairly accurately reflects the thrust of three new studies published by the Royal Society, all focused on exploring the controversial field of geoengineering.

Submission + - VW Bus Powered By Attached Solar Panels--Proof of Concept for Solar Vehicles ->

mlamonica writes: When I heard the CTO of healthcare startup Vecna built a 1966 Volkswagen bus with solar panels on the roof, I thought it would make for a fun story about his side project. But I found that his work is much more: it's a proof of concept that solar-powered cars--that don't require plugging in to charge--can work in certain applications. One key to engineering such a vehicle is having it run directly from the panels, bypassing battery charging and the associated losses as much as possible. Story has photos of the bus.
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Submission + - Molecular Clusters That Can Retain Charge Could Revolutionize Computer Memory->

jfruh writes: Computing devices have been gobbling up more and more memory, but storage tech has been hitting its limits, creating a bottleneck. Now researchers in Spain and Scotland have reported a breakthrough in working with metal-oxide clusters that can retain their charge. These molecules could serve as the basis for RAM and flash memory that will be leagues smaller than existing components.
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Submission + - Former Missile Silos Turned Into Luxury Disaster Survival Condos->

Zothecula writes: When a major natural disaster or nuclear war strikes, survival will be the main priority for most us. For some, though, the biggest problem will be deciding whether to watch a movie or go for a swim. Residents at the luxury Survival Condo resort will be safe, secure and not short of entertainment.
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Comment Re: H1 Visa applicants are less expensive (Score 1) 684 684

Upper IT management here. Your assertions are correct if you add "lazy" to the managers described above. We all deal with cost pressures, but we're inadequately supplied with the information to make a good decision more frequently than not.

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